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  1. Pair of Nauticam Carbon Fiber Aluminum Buoyancy Float Arm AUD $350 for the pair. You are buying TWO of them for this price Part No 72217 Used once in new underwater camera setup but not needed. Perfect as new condition. Currently retails for $520 per pair in Australia Buoyancy: 520g/18oz Length: 250mm/9.8-inch Diameter:70mm/2.75-inch Depth Rating: 100m/330ft Warranty: Lifetime Free postage within Australia, overseas postage at cost
  2. Complete Underwater Video Setup. I am no longer diving, so reluctantly selling all my underwater video equipment as one bundled auction. Everything is in excellent condition. The gear has never been flooded, and has been lovingly and meticulously maintained. The full auction includes - Mangrove by Aditech Underwater Housing MVHP-1 rated to 200m to suit Panasonic Video Cameras (current retail is approx $2000) Aditech WP-80 Wide Angle Lens with Neoprene Cover (cost $500) Panasonic HDC-TM700 Video Camera Panasonic HDC-SD900 Video camera 6 x Batteries for the Video Cameras (4 x standard, 2 x extended life) 2 x Panasonic Battery Chargers 2 x Panasonic Power Cords 1 x Panasonic Multi Video Lead 1 x Panasonic Power Adapter 2 x Panasonic Lens Shades 2 x Panasonic Remote Controls 1 x additional (spare) Aditech Housing Handle 2 x additional (spare) Housing Clips 1 x Housing Flat Port 1 x Standard Port Adapter 1 x Travel Port Cap 8 x Rechargeable Batteries for Housing 2 x Battery Chargers 1 x additional (spare) Internal Camera Tray Various spare O rings 1 x Flat Port Tool Further details, including sample videos shot using this setup are available on request. Larger detailed photos are available on my website http://www.yambabeach.net.au/video.html Asking AUD$990 plus postage. The total weight of the parcel will be between 8 and 9 kilos, and will pack in to a box approx 50cm x 35cm x 38cm. Postage costs may be more affordable by packing into two smaller parcels.
  3. Hi, I have a Nauticam CMC-1 that I am looking to sell. I have only used it on one dive trip for three dives. In perfect condition. Let me know if you are interested. I am in Australia so not sure what postage would be.
  4. I'm considering purchasing a Canon 100mm Macro lens. I see that the lens is available either WITH or WITHOUT Image Stabilization. Is it worth spending the extra money to get the version WITH Image Stabilization. Port availability should not be a problem - I hope to be able to use my existing macro port (Canon 60mm) with a couple of extensions. Thanks for any advice provided.
  5. I don't know - you'd have to do your own research.
  6. Inon Straight Viewfinder. As new condition. Has been used on a Nexus housing, but will fit Hugyfot, Seatool, Sea & Sea, and others. Opening (Round) to housing measures 30mm across. Comes with spare o-rings (2) Current new price is US$599 This high performance viewfinder extends eyepoint without changing image size in viewfinder. 100% of camera’s finder image is seen (1.0x) without any vignetting, even underwater with a mask. Lens Construction: 3 groups, 5 elements. The viewfinder is positioned in parallel with the camera’s finder so viewing replicates same natural eye position relative to camera as when shooting on land. Also, with the straight viewfinder it is possible to make fine distance adjustments between housing and subject by just moving housing relative to subject, without readjusting your body position each time, and without loosing sight of the subject in the viewfinder. Will sell for US$400 with free postage. Payment by PayPal
  7. Housing is SOLD. Inon Straight Viewfinder is STILL FOR SALE Will sell for US$400 Payment by PayPal if outside Australia FREE POSTAGE
  8. For Sale Anthis Nexus housing to suit Canon 40D and 50D Purchased new in October 2008, M6 size port. Excellent condition, never flooded, recent full service with o-ring replacement (receipt for service provided) Constructed from die-cast aluminium alloy / anodized body grip, rated to 75m / 225ft Dimensions (WxHxD)]313x175x134mm Weight Approx. 2,054g (Housing only) Features 2 x fibre optic sockets for TTL strobe connection, AND additional 2 Standard Nikonos sync ports for electrical cable link. New price for this item is currently US$2795 ALSO - 2 x Sea & Sea Electrical cables to join 2 x Inon strobes to Housing New price for the pair is currently US$130 ALSO - Inon Straight Viewfinder Unit (Slim body) currently attached to the housing, but will consider selling separately New Price for this item is currently US$599 Would prefer to sell as a package. Will consider offers in excess of US$2500. Selling to upgrade to video (can't afford both Further details and photos available on request. Buyer to pay postage costs. Paypal available for Payment
  9. Has anyone had experience with using an Inon Viewfinder? I have a choice of the 45 degree or Straight version for my Nexus housing. No problems with installation - I am wondering about the differences in using the two versions, and why you would choose one over the other. Thanks
  10. My rig is a Canon 50D, Nexus housing, 2 x Inon Z240 strobes I was previously using Fibreoptics, but have recently changed to Cable connections. Main advantage of Fibroptics is the ability to use eTTL, and the fact that the fibreoptic system is waterproof. Biggest disadvantage is that the internal camera flash has to fire with each photo taken. Problem here is that towards the end of a double dive, taking lots of photos, the camera battery is running down, causing a huge lag between photos while waiting for the camera battery to recharge. If you usually only do single dives you may not have this problem, but I was finding it a huge problem. Also a handy hint if using fibreoptics - set the internal camera flash compensation to the lowest possible setting. It doesn't take much light to fire the strobes optically, and it does save battery power and heat buildup inside the housing. I've also found that with my particular camera, the shutter speed is limited to 1/250 using the internal flash to trigger the fibreoptics. This may be different for other cameras?? No problem using cable connection, I can choose whatever shutter speed I like and the strobes will still fire. I'm rapt in the cable setup now, having used both. I can shoot on continuous burst for as long as I like, limited only by the ability of the strobes to recharge. Hope this helps. DiveGirl 50 http://www.yambabeach.net.au
  11. I've been lucky enough to "play" with a Canon 50D this weekend, and I was really keen to try it in my Ikelite 40D housing. And, unfortunately, after many hours of experimenting, I can report the THE TTL CIRCUITRY DOES NOT WORK So....for all of you waiting for that information.....there it is. It does not recognise the +/- compensation commands from the housing and just fired the flash at full no matter what the setting. Same with manual settings. The flash fired at full power no matter what. The camera certainly fits in the 40D housing, with no real problems. A couple of the buttons are switched around - the 50D's INFO button is where the 40D's JUMP button is. Also the 50D's Liveview is accessed from the PRINT button (top left next to MENU). I bit more intuitive to use than the 40D, it gives you a "quick control screen" which I found really useful, and I LOVE the extra pixels in the view monitor. ....aaahh well, it was fun to play.
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