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  1. Hi, I will discuss the whole package. divelikeastone@gmail.com AKA Neptune
  2. Hi, interested in the housing, viewfinder & diopter mostly. When you say London 3 weeks, do you mean shipping from London? You can PM me to discuss. Thanks, Neptune
  3. Hi, I am interested in getting the following... Nauticam 7D housing with vac leak detect, 4 x ball mounts, lanyard carry handle £1000 Macro port 41 (60mm macro or 100mm + 50mm ext tube) £170 50mm port extension £140 I have a questions. Will the macro port support the Canon 100mm f2.8L lens I would also like to know how much to ship this to Dublin, Ireland please. My email is divelikeastone@gmail.com Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am looking for a Nauticam housing only for my 7D. Are you interested in selling housing only, if so can you tell me how much you are asking. Divelikeastone@gmail.com
  5. Thanks folks, Alex especially. I am off to get some Duralac, to be sure, to be sure. Brian
  6. Folks, thanks for the replies. As it happens, I found 2 sacrificial anodes under the housing, woops! A friend however has a Nauticam housing for an Olympus OM-D E-M1 and he has experienced corrosion on a screw on top of the housing, so the anodes do not provide absolute protection I guess. He is now coating all steel/aluminium interfaces (screws) with lanolin (sheep's wool grease) as he has done on previous housings that he has owned with great success. Brian
  7. Hi, I have recently bought a Nauticam housing for an Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mk II. There do not seem to be any sacrificial anodes on the housing and I would like to know if anyone has augmented their housing with sacrificial anodes and if so how they went about it. Thanks, Brian
  8. Hi Bent, Can you tell me some more about this housing. when was it serviced, who did the servicing and what exactly was done. There seems to be quite a lot of corrosion on the front of the housing and around the dials and possibly some damage around the main dial, can you tell me about that? It us note very clear from the photos. Are you selling the usual components with it, namely Spare silicone rubber main o‐ring O‐ring remover Lubricant Set of Allen keys Also what are the shipping charges to Ireland. Thanks for your time.
  9. Hi Yuki, I am interested in the 7D equipment. I am concerned about the scratch to the dome port. Can you post some images of this scratch please. The fact that it shows up on video is not good for me. It also means that it will show up at some point on still images, probably with smaller apertures and consequent greater depth of field. For me the scratch may render the dome useless I am afraid, I do shoot video. I would like to see also the "whiting" on the body. This sounds like corrosion and I would like to see the extent of it. Nauticam agent that I deal with says it is not normal. I already have a 7d and a Tokina lens. Will you sell the rest. Looking forward to hearing from you, Neptune.
  10. Hi, I have been diving Ikelite housings now for about 4 years in Ireland, cold sea water, often low visibility (<5 feet), but up to 100 feet too, and for the first time am encountering sticky buttons which cost me a couple of dives. Just spoke to the folks in Ikelite who will ship a maintenance kit for $20 with 15 sets of springs, o-rings, grease and c-clips as well as the tool to remove the old c-clips (which should be discarded) and fit the new ones. It is my responsibility to clean the shafts properly, which I can do because I have access to an ultrasonic cleaning bath. I have been bringing a pliers with me on dives, and have used them once to pull up a sticky button, but I do not like to do this, I would rather solve the problem. Looking forward to receiving it. Brian
  11. I am selling an Ikelite housing (only) which suits either Canon 450D (aka XSi, X2) or 500D (aka T1i, X3). Housing has seen light use in one season only. Never flooded, perfect condition. Image from ikelite.com Housing Includes:HousingPort Hole CapTray and HandlesStandard Zoom Clamp & Sleeve SetLarge Dia. Zoom Clamp & Sleeve Set1/16" Hex Head Wrench for Gears1/8" Hex Head Wrench for KnobsLens Cleaning ClothSpare Control TipsSpare Pushbutton E-ClipsSilicone LubricantNot Included:Camera BodyLensLens Port Any reasonable offers. Reason for selling, trying to go up to a Canon 7D. Brian Stone
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