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  1. Hi Bob Thanks for the Welcome to the black hole... I'm really glad about all the helpful advise from all of you members in here There is not many diving fotografers in my part of the world and there is a wealt of super information in here. So excuse me if I ask stupid questions, but I'm on a very step learning curve. By the way. I was told from by a dealer that a adapterring for the M-size issue, for the Nexus, is somewhat of a permanent thing that requres specilised tools to mount and desmount. I was hoping that it would be a quick ring fix kind of thing, but apperently not. Is there really no local (Scandinavian/german/UK) seller or knowhow person in my part of the world? Kind regards Peter
  2. Thanks Sam I have just been mailing with Tom fram Marinecamera who confermed the M5 size, so I'm a beliver. I just can't understand the rubbish from the scematics on there homepage. Maybe its just one of those things in life.... On another topic.....As long as we are Reading/writing... What about those upgrade kits for the D200, Do you sell/make them or what, You haven't answerd my PM... Thanks, Peter/Zaritas
  3. Hey Sam You seem to be the smartest man in here when it comes to Nexus, so thanks for replying What I need is to know what portsize I use.... Because I'm allways looking for ekstra gear eg. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=270301149028 The seller also told me that my housing is M5.... But why does the manufactor claim (look up to the top graf) that its only made as M4 or M6 option size??? Maybe I'm a bit slow in the head but that dosent compute...
  4. They just replyed a mail from me and they don't sell Nexus anymore
  5. Thanks, for the suggestions. Ofcourse I have tryed to contact several sellers and directly to the manufactor, but I don't get any answers. I have checked the numbers om my gear but can't make any sence of them, maybe some of you can. My housing has a stampt number in both parts # 115108, I assume it's the serial # 2 extensionrings: Model 16303 PE20-5 00056 anthis Japan // Model 18316 PE20-7 00075 anthis Japan Lens cap: Model 18307 PC-R-7 Anthis Japan Port/dome: 13307-3 no. 01466 anthis japan Again thanks for helping a newbie
  6. I hope that somebody in here knows witch port M-size my Nexus D200 is. The only size-chart I could find looks like this.... And my Japanesse is not that good
  7. Thanks for the great ideer, maybe I will try that some day, looks fun. But for my first lens/housing I think that I will need something more sturdy But I think I will try and contact Mavericks, thanks.
  8. Hey Everybody I just bought a used Nexus D200 on E-bay and I need to buy the zoomgear for my Nikon 12-24mm set. I would like to know if there is a Nexus Dealer in Europe ( eg. UK og Germany ). It seems that there is no dealer in Denmark Should you have a spare zoomgear for the lens that you dont need, then please let me know. I would allsow like a copy of the manual for the Housing if anybody have one ( eg. PDF ) I cant find any online. Thanks for looking. Kind regards Zaritas.
  9. He He, I have one comming from the US as we speak. I expect that one to be ready for conversion. So how do I get a hold on a conversion from you, Please...
  10. Hi Sam I just read all the good threads I could find on conversion kits and you seem to bee the Yoda of conversions, Great work. I'n one tread you mensiont trying to make a new backplate for the D700/D300 in a Nexus D200 for optimal fit, but I cant find the results of your efforts? And are you still selling your conversions? Thanks.
  11. Does anybody know when the conversionkit for the Nexus D200 to a D300, will be comming? Thanks.
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