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  1. Dont think there are any competitions only for compact cameras, but most comps. have a compact camera category. You can see some upcoming competitions here. Cheers Karel
  2. Congrats Paul! Well done Cheers Karel
  3. You lucky guy Jean!! What a great experience it must have been! Cheers Karel
  4. Nice shots! I really like the famous one Cheers Karel
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Im going diving in an hour so I'm really thankful Cheers Karel
  6. OK I get that it might look quite good printed out in large scale, but somehow I doubt that's the reason someone payed 4,3 m. for it. It might not be the case here, but there are people who just want to own THE most expencive photograph in the world, without any interest whats on it or whos taken it
  7. I could not imagine better neighbours !!! Coffetable book... maybe not just yet Damo But I'll keep You posted
  8. LOL A great picture - no matter how it's taken!!!
  9. I know the pain! Its the same in Estonia - You have water but no visibilty and nothing to photograph...
  10. Steve - The water temp is 6 degrees Celsus at the moment, but its gonna drop down to 2 degrees in 3 - 4 weeks. So usually max divetime is 40 min. Then its getting problematic to press the buttons on the housing with numb fingers Tim - yes I actually did look a place near the sea, but what I got was better than I expected. You are welcome to join me with CJ - I'm not using the second floor anyway Karel
  11. Im a bit up north, so its actually dark allready five pm. One can do a night dive allmost after lunch
  12. Hi gang! It's been wayyy tooo long since I posted some pictures here. Mostly because I haven't had time to take any... Been busy with a new baby in the family and moving to Norway for this winter. I promised myself to find more time for UW photography and WP So I started to fullfill my promise by exploring whats going on under my balcony. Made a dive and here's what I got. Not anything special, but I'm sure glad that I have a lot of interesting stuff literally 10 meters (30 ft) from my livingroom! Enjoy! The first one is me getting ready (taken by the missis)
  13. Hi Jody! The main thing is, that You are happy with the results You got and You clearly see You have made improvements! Yes they are amateur pictures, but hey we all started out as amateurs (I'm pretty sure I still am) Did You take these snorkeling or diving? Next time You might want to try to get lower and shoot your subjects from the same level and avoid shooting them from above, allso try not to cut You'r subjects from the frame Just some toughts! Thanks for sharing and remember to share Your future pic's with us ;-) Cheers Karel
  14. Looks like You had a lot of fun Tim! The manta shot is way cool! Cheers Karel
  15. Hi Jean! Great shots!! I like most the one with a bunch of dolphins jumping out of a wave - what a sight!! Thanks for sharing Karel
  16. Cant help You with the species, but it's a great shot Matt Cheers Karel
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