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  1. Tony, Look to one of the advertisers BACKSCATTER. They have tested the canon and it makes for good info. Check there ad to the right of your opening screen.
  2. Matt, I have been using Ikelite products for 30 + years and all answers to your question are valid. Ikelite recommends using their own silicon. It works well and after spending the money for your setup a few dollars for the silicon is cheap insurance. Always rinse your housing in fresh water,always ,always. A dip tank is ok at a resort but once you remove your camera put the housing in a dee psink, a tub or in a shower and wash the salt off. Work the buttons while rinsing or after. Lightly silicon your O rings, watch out for lint, hairs.pet fur etc. When putting your outfit together pay attention to detail. Don't be talking to your friends, dive buddies etc. a few minutes alone will assure you do it right. Check each step twice. Are the controls making the right contacts ,are batteries charges is there room on my memory card.Shooting manual or? Lens on autofocus or manual. Do not jump in the water with housing in hand. Have someone hand it to you or hang off the side of the boat with 3/8 nylon line. Clean your ports well and polish for 4 or 5 minutes, the xtra work is worth it on the surface and water should slide off the port. I bring a neoprene cover in the water with me to protect the port if I absolutely must put the camera on the sand to adjust my BC etc. Remove your o rings. and store in a ziplock bag till using the camera again. do not use spray silicon never,never. Best of luck and good shooting Hank
  3. Bob, I use the TSA locks, but keep my camera and irreplaceable items in my carry on. Have no dive stickers on your luggage nor any thing to identify as a diver. Put a note in large print in your luggage asking TSA to place locks back on. My luggage has always been locked when I picked it up and I don't know if they opened it or not. I put more than one luggage tag on each bag. Inside the bag I put my name and the location I am traveling to. I have had luggage delayed but it has arrived. Returning I place my home address in luggage. After spending a week or two shooting keep your cards or DVDS in your carry on, they are priceless and should'nt leave your side. We can replace strobes ,etc but not our photos. Best of luck. Hank
  4. Matt,let us know how you think the original problem was corrected. I had the same problem and after getting on dry land followed the tips given here and I was shooting again. Which tip worked for me? I can't say. It seems to happen more when shooting macro. Hank
  5. Ben, I just reviewed the lens ports for the Tokina 10-17 with Ikelite 5503 6" DOME. Ikelite recommends port shade may need to be removed to avoid vignetting. If you are shooting with the 8" port assembly I have no answer except to shoot with lens in less than widest opening. I will be watching for other comments. Good luck Hank
  6. Gil, I also purchased an Ikelite housing and strobe this year. I use Ikelite brand. Nikonos brand and a brand named Global purchased at my dive shop. Do not use spray silicon of any type. I have been using different silicons since my original Nikonos II in 1970 without any problems. Purchase silicon for O rings at Adorama or B&H photo. Hope this helps Hank
  7. Thanks for the lead on B&H articles. I am just starting with photography and all info is welcome.
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