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  1. Thanks Tim. Very helpful. Having a look at Tauch Terminal now.
  2. Hi all! My wife and I are travelling to Bali in August, and I am looking to get a few days diving in. My wife is not a diver, so I am trying to find some middle ground. Somewhere we can stay that is not dive related, with shopping nearby. It doesn't have to be Tulamben. Any thoughts?
  3. An excellent trip all round. The dive guides were professional, experienced and would bend over backwards to help. The service, food and accomodation was A1. I will be putting into practice all that I learnt at the workshop for some time to come. Thanks go to Alex and Adam, all the crew at Lembeh Resort, and the other UW photographers for making this a memorable and immensely enjoyable holiday. The critters were out in force for our trip. As an example, there are eight known pygmy seahorses. We saw three, the Bargibanti, the Denise and the Pontohi. The others were calling the Pontohi pygmy seahorse the Zombie pygmy, for obvious reasons. Here are my pics of them in order-
  4. She is beautiful. Without the makeup she has a cute dusting of freckles over her cheeks and nose! Oh, and she's French.
  5. Hi all! I live in Melbourne, Victoria. I'm not able to hop in tropical water everyday and take pics of exotic fishies. I do what I can with what I have, always thinking of new things to portray. One of the most recognised figures world wide is Mother Mary, so I bought a costume, did a creative thing or two with an off housing strobe, and off we went! Babushka is a belly dancer and is into extreme sports like kite surfing, so she is very capable underwater. I've done a very rough edit of the sensor for the off camera strobe, which was nestled in the folds of the blanket. Many great works of art portray an individual as floating, with fabric seemingly weightless and billowing around them. This can be achieved to great effect underwater. Here Babushka had to hold down the veil as she was sinking, and then make the pose. It looks almost...natural, doesn't it?
  6. An enjoyable and entertaining series of images! I wonder how the images could be enhanced.. perhaps the dogs jumping through chiffon, or some hoops in the water, or other props of some description.
  7. I would love to do three or four a year, but unfortunately for me, it's more like one or two. Mind you, the 'dive trip' I did last year was a three month long dive and drive around Australia, taking in many of the best shore dives of the south and west coast. An incredible experience that mixed taking a dip with long days of driving through the arid inland. Highlights were- leafy sea dragons, cage diving with GWS, snorkelling with whalesharks, and videoing a goanna while it was foraging underwater at a mineral springs. Perhaps the limiting function for me is cost. I am guessing there are some on this forum who would do a Forrest Gump line with having money...
  8. My state of mental health has been questioned before. There was a particularly difficult phase in my life where I was attempting to come to terms with my visions of my alien children. I even painted them on the shed wall, to get the images out of my head. Needless to say, this was not received well. My mother and eldest sister came to the conclusion that I needed 'Help'. They sent for a shrink to come and see me as a preliminary step to having me committed in a mental institution. It was only by running away and sleeping in a beach hut that I managed to avoid that particular fate. That is only one of a number of times in my life where I have been on the very brink of sanity. I would not wish my life or ET experiences on my worst enemy. Nanu Nanu! Instantly coming to mind is the doco that details Robin Williams' (Mork from Ork) interactions with dolphins in the wild. This was obviously a profound experience that touched him on a very deep level. Over at Wikipedia the Mars Ocean Hypothesis is discussed with some credibility. www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mars_ocean_hypothesis I don't know if many of you have seen the fossilised crinoid photos disclosed by Richard Hoagland. Very interesting. A collector of marine fossils for 34 years identified it as an early crinoid. www.enterprisemission.com/_articles/03-08-2004/crinoid_cover-up.htm I have browsed other forums on the web discussing this fossil and no alternative theory of any credibility has been proposed. Interestingly, when searching for 'Mars, water' I came across an article published just today in which NASA confirms that flowing water was present on at least one part of Mars for thousands or millions of years. William Dietrich, a professor of geomorphology and member of the Curiosity imaging science team, said that it was "the first time we are actually seeing water transported gravel on Mars". Thanks, Marjo, your support means a lot to me. Guy
  9. Hi John. Maybe. I might have a shoot with a beautiful model Sunday afternoon, depending upon the availability of an MUA and whether she would be able to do her own makeup if need be. So, waiting for her to get back to me at this stage. It's certainly going to be nice weather this afternoon.
  10. Perhaps you are right, David. At this stage in our evolution we are so ready to trash our environment, so immature in our approach to long term sustainability of our lives and culture and indeed, of Mother Earth herself. First, we should look to the cleaning up of our act here on Earth, which I believe is what you alluded to. Yet, I do believe, that as divers we see the mess others have made, we love the sharks that others despise and fear, we have an empathy with the ocean and her creatures that most simply do not understand. If any class of people were ready to take that next step, perhaps it would be us.
  11. I have always wanted to post this thread topic. And after the other worldly shots of Peter A. Reiserer appeared in a recent issue of Scuba Diver Australasia, I thought it was time. I have had a long time interest in UFO's, and indeed, have been abducted, experienced missing time, and have(had) alien hybrid children up there. For me, ET's are real, nearby, and not introducing themselves at this time because of the non-interference policy, similar to 'Prime Directive' of Star Trek. First contact and Disclosure might not be that far off. I have had visions of a far off water world in the Pleiadian system, a world almost completely covered by tropical water and reefs. If we look a little closer to home, the planet Mars has many anomalies, one of which seems to be evidence of a vast ocean in the distant past. Indeed, there is plant life and what look to be lakes on the surface of Mars. Globe hopping once more, I look to the writings of Alex Collier, an Andromedan contactee, who stated that there are vast lakes under the surface of the moon, and indeed, that the moon itself is a manufactured planetoid. There are many stories, also, of an Inner Earth with a central sun, rivers, lakes, mountains, and a vast inner ocean. One witness of this was Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd in 1947. Byrd flew to the north pole and instead of flying over the pole, entered Inner Earth. Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian, sailed into the Inner Earth, as described in his book 'The Smoky God'. I would suggest that sometime within the next decade, we will make the collective leap into space and inner Earth and new frontiers will open up. One of these will be oceans and lakes of vastly different qualities, inhabited by unimaginable creatures and corals. And many of us will have the opportunity to take to the waters. I post this here because Wetpixel is cutting edge in many ways, two of which are the intellect of its members and the willingness to embrace any new frontiers, be they technological or physical.
  12. I can just imagine a platypus front and centre, foraging amongst the rubble. Now that would really make the image pop!
  13. Hi all. I've resigned from work , and after Easter will be driving from Melbourne to South Australia and up the Western Australia coast. I will be taking my time, and getting plenty of shore dives in. I am most interested in simply hopping under piers and jetties, and not so interested in deep dives or wreck dives. I would like to photograph some amazing underwater life, such as Whyalla cuttlefish, leafies, seals, great whites, whale sharks, maybe grey nurse sharks to name a few. I would love to have a local or two show me around their local dive sites, particularly an uw photographer who takes great pride in his/her local area. I'll be in SA for most of May, and WA for June, as it stands at the moment.
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