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  1. Great Stuff!! looks like the gear narrowed the learning curb if this was your first outing. Thx for posting.
  2. http://www.akona.com/product.php?product_id=270 This is an option as well.
  3. Did you receive my PM regarding housing etc. John 757-435-4350 liv2div@gmail.com
  4. I have two upgraded to TTL DS125 substobes for sale. dual sync cord and single charger. Both upgraded by Ikelite. 1100 for both . please email liv2div@gmail.com for pics you can also give me a call 757-435-4350
  5. If you looking for body and lenses I have a D90 kit with 18-105 lens all software box open warranty card etc. 2 extra batteries . email is liv2div@gmail.com going FF
  6. For sale Canon 7D purchased locally here in Virginia beach from Bestbuy. Paid 1899 plus tax total 1996.00 have original reciept. Camera is perfect with no issues going FF .Price is 1700 please call 757-435-4350 or email liv2div@gmail.com Thx
  7. Bo, Mainly warm water . Cozumel, Truk, Red Sea etc. Really want to go after whatever is out there. I've got some exploring to do. I have 3 DS125 strobes and thinking Aquatica or Ikelite for a housing . Best way to sum it up I want to be able to do it all understanding I will evaluate each dive environment and adjust the rig to meet my needs. Thanks for the reply
  8. Novice here . Looking for advise on lense options. I'm assuming the tokina 10-17 for wide angle. This would leave a macro and perhaps all purpose wide angle zoom. I plan on purchasing the 7D kit which comes with the Ef 28-135IS. Thanks ahead of time for any advise.
  9. I may be interested in just the 5D body you can contact me at liv2div@gmail.com Thanks John
  10. Time and money and lack of experience as a result. This site does help me stay connected .
  11. Welcome!! Amazing site with lots of great info.
  12. e-mail sent to your gmail account
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