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  1. Hi I have a 3yr Old Nikon D200 about 50k+ Shutter Count with MB200 battery grip + 1yr old Ikelite Housing for sale. -2x battery for D200 and AA battery tray for MB 200 battery grip. All items have original box and manuals cables intact. No ports or lenses. asking $1400USD for the whole set, excluding shipping. Condition of equipment is 9/10 with no visible wear and tear marks. base tray for ikelite housing is a little corroded, but does not affect the mountings. Camera is serviced annual by Nikon, and has never fail since day 1. Here are some of the photos of the equipment, http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeemee/sets/72157625278924081/ and some of the underwater photos taken with this wonderful camera http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeemee/sets/72157623975945346/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeemee/sets/72157623525090996/ interested parties please mail to jeemee.g at gmail dot com. price is slightly negotiable. Cheers Jeemee
  2. the length of the optical cord have to be equal, the cord i've used is not evenly curled up therefore i was having problem with the ttl on that day. previously when i don't curl up the cables, it work wonderful, all my shots in sipadan was shot with optical cord to TTL sensor and camera set to internal flash. didn't have any problem. get the manual controller beivied. TTL would be great if your strobe is used as a fill strobe, or get a Ikelite housing so you can use TRUE TTL
  3. capture this at Mabul, Sipadan is this the same one? its very small around 4cm in length, but it stood still there and let me fire off all the shots i want to.
  4. sorry, this only happen when you put the fibre optic cord as well, is it? nope, it'll fire even without the optic cord, just not as accurately as water quality varies from places to places
  5. oh btw ds50 fires 2 shots just like the internal flash.
  6. at first i was using the setting recommended by Ikelite to control the power of DS50, then i was advised by my friend that The internal strobe actually fires a TTL flash even in manual mode and i should try using the flash to control to strobe and see if it works. well it did, but picture was not perfectly TTL, as there's light lost in between the internal flash and the sensor. therefore he suggested that i try using 2 optical cable to reduce the water medium between the 2. with the optical cables position properly, every picture is properly exposed. guess the sensor works then
  7. Nah. something is wrong with the electronic chip i had the same problem. bring it in for fixing
  8. just a warning, use only the silicon grease recommended by Olympus, or other alternative is the grease by Sea&sea, i bought a tub of 'silicon grease' from one of the shops and used it to maintain my o ring, they then become overstretched badly after i've applied the grease and storing it. it was so over stretched i had to squeeze the o-rings in the housing everytime i cleaned my orings and tries to put them back. its also the main cause of the flooding it didn't seat well in the groove. my other friends who have stucked to using the silicon grease by olympus and sea&sea does not face this over over stretching problem, thought minor stretching does occurs
  9. its not true that the backplate system doesn't allows you to float upright, its only a matter of getting used to it. infact, i feel the jacket bc which is actually giving more problem. as the tanks are not really 'secure' shifting occurs. ever since i tested my friend's BP system, i bought my own, and i swore by it. though i still wear jacket style bc for training purposes. i personally prefer the weight distribution and streamlining of the backplate system. even the new designs of the 'higher' end jacket bcds are adopting the back inflation system. in the end, its really your choice. its what you feel most comfortable in is important. as you would want to concentrate on taking the photos then bother about your bcd at that point of time. oh.. one more thing, backplate system was invented first.
  10. Intro hi hi, Im from singapore, been diving for only 2yrs, 1yr of UW photography, still at the bottom of the learning curve. hoping to move on the DSLR soon, if my year end bonus allows. looking forward to learn more from you guys
  11. hi, Im Jim, from Singapore, im very new to the diving scene, so hopefully i can pick up some pointers from your guys just got my DM certification i just started underwater photography this year. with a Oly C5050 and PT-15 Housing, will be getting a strobe soon, but have not decided which one to get.
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