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  1. Used, but recently reworked by ikelite with new fittings etc. Comes with the small dome. I have moved onto a new camera so its time to pay the old one off. 500 obo.
  2. im looking to shoot some seahorses in a bit and im fretting over which lens to bring. i have a 50 mm macro lens that i use on my casnon 1000 d, but also have a 15 mm fisyeye that i was thinking of pairing with a 2x teleconverter. im wondering if the tele will help bring the image large enough with cfwa technique to make it fill the frame. i think the seahorse is about 3-4 inches high. or am i better off sticking w macro?
  3. Hey. Im thinking about adding a 15mm FE to my canon rebel, but as i just spent a lot of money adding a second ds 160 strobe, im wondering if i can still get good results using the standard 6" dome on my ikelite housing. I got a trip to indo coming up in a couple of weeks and i want to have a somewhat complete lens bag before i go, but the thought of having to drop another 400 for the 8" dome on top of the price of a new lens is a bit much. I mean, as much as i like dropping a grand at a time..... you get the point.
  4. I bought this stobe second hand recenlty for 580. Much to my dismay the battery is not in the best working order and instead of buying a new battery i am looking to sell the whole strobe at a loss to me at 400 (obo). I stand to lose almost 200 right off the bat, but other than that the stobe seems to be in good working order. If you have another spare pack or are looking to buy and second strobe this might work well for you.
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