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  1. We've tried switching the cable and that doesn't seem to be the problem. The one it was connected to works completely fine with the other strobe. I think the bulb is bad because when I turn on the strobe the camera/housing recognizes it is turned on so it doesn't seem to be the electronics. We're calling Ikelite in a little bit.
  2. Hank, I'm not completely sure what the problem was. I made sure that all the buttons and levers that I didn't need at the time were pulled out so they weren't touching the camera. I also found that the little rubber piece that goes on the end of the lever which depresses the shutter button had fallen off inside the housing. It may be that it just wasn't pushing down the button enough. Whatever the cause, it's working completely fine now. We're calling Ikelite as soon as they open, hopefully they'll be able to solve the problem. Mat
  3. I already posted this in the last thread I started, but I want to make sure somebody notices this so I started a second thread. Ikelite DS 51 substrobe batteries are fine doesn't seem to be flooded won't turn on Once when I turned it on after it stopped working the ready light flashed green for a second then turned off. Normally the ready light is orange. HELP ME! This is my version of beginners luck, the kind of luck where everything fails me. Mat Brutger
  4. Thanks everyone! I got it working today and got a few decent shots. Still trying to get this all down though. NEW PROBLEM One of my strobes just stopped working. It doesn't look like it flooded. When I turn it on every once in a while the ready light will flash green and then go off. Normally the light is orange (I have two Ikelite DS 51 substrobes). I tried changing the batteries but it didn't make a difference. Any ideas?
  5. Strike that, it won't even do anything on full auto now.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm in Utila right now and my camera is failing me. I have a Canon Xti with the Ikelite housing and dual DS 51 substrobes. I tried it out in the pool before leaving with my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle and it worked fine. The port had not come for the Canon 100mm macro yet so I couldn't try that out. Now that I have it in the housing with the macro on it will not take a photo unless on full auto. In fact, it won't even try to focus or anything. It works fine outside of the housing. Please tell me what's going on! Mat Brutger
  7. I'm in the process of purchasing everything. Canon XTi (400D), Canon 100mm macro, Sigma 10-20mm wide angle. I'm looking at Ikelite housing and accessories. mat
  8. mtbrutger


    Is it worth getting two strobes right away or is that just going to make things too complicated? Mat
  9. For the wide angle, Ikelite's website says I need the dome port, the base, and the dome assembly piece. Is there a focusing knob that I need to purchase as well?
  10. Thanks again everyone. One last question. The manual controller for the flash is necessary, right?
  11. Sea and Sea no longer makes the housing for the Canon XTi/400D which is why Adorama told me it was on "backorder". So now I'm going to get the Ikelite. Do the ports for Ikelite attach strait to the housing or is there a piece that needs to go in between. I have a Canon 100mm macro and a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle. What ports do I all need? Sorry for all the questions lately and thanks for the help everyone. Mat
  12. So Adorama emailed me after I ordered it and said since they have to special order everything it will be 10-14 days before it's shipped, and 5 days after that for it to get here. I leave for Honduras the 20th so that's cutting it pretty close. Any place I could get it from faster?
  13. mtbrutger


    Yeah I just want something to teach me the technical aspects. I'm a photography major so I know the basics.
  14. Thanks everyone, I think I've got it all figured out. Mat
  15. Hey everyone, I've settled on purchasing the Sea and Sea housing for my Canon Xti/400D. I have a 100mm macro (Canon) and a 10-20mm wide angle (Sigma). Which lens ports do I need? Mat
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