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  1. The MK25 has adjustable interstage pressure anyway via the pre-load screw at the top end....
  2. The proposed changes have been cancelled. With any announcements to new rules / regulations it is best to wait a week or so from their announcement as a lot of decisions seem to be very elastic at the moment!!! Duncan
  3. Yep No 1 is a great shot. Not sure what happened when i first viewed it. It was very soft but not anymore? Maybe browser hadn't finished loading the image properly.
  4. I would go with img 2,3,6,9
  5. I had an issue on my 180 deg viewfinder that suffered some corrosion after the anodising got stretched. A quick call to Alex T and the viewfinder was on its way from Egypt, then back to the factory back to UK and returned to me in 3 week FOC. The stem of the viewfinder is completely new and the entire thing looks like new. They even supplied new covers and the neoprene pouch which I forgot to send back. You cant argue with service like that. Things break, fact! What happens when they break is the important thing and Nauticam in my experience are very keen not only to solve your issue but investigate it to prevent it happening again!!! Thanks Mr T!!!! Duncan
  6. Not the same camera but i have taken a canon housing for a570is to 70m. Camera stayed dry, but as above buttons stop working at about 45m.Shutter still worked though, so set up camera before hitting deeper depths. Duncan
  7. The following items are for sale and are currently listed on ebay in UK. Listing numbers are provided after each item. Start price is £0.01 and there is no reserve, all must go..... Ikelite dSLR Underwater Camera Housing for Canon 30d 300586101446 Ikelite 8 inch Dome port with cover 5510.45 300586104828 Ikelite 8 inch Dome port 5510.45 300586106946 Ikelite Flat Port 5502 300586108279 Ikelite Flat Port with focus 5508.45 300586109836 Ikelite Modular Port Body 5510.10 300586111525 Ikelite Modular Port body 5510.11 300586112644 Ikelite Modular Port Body 5510.22 300586113743 Thanks Duncan
  8. Mark, You never did get back to us with a comparison of the aquaview vs nauticam, would be very interested to hear your thoughts. Duncan
  9. Hi, Will definitely take the following off your hands, Flat port, 29mm extension and 60mm zoom gear. Let me know re housing Duncan
  10. I might be interested in housing without viewfinder as i have a nauticam viewfinder and aquatica adapter....what would the housing price be then?
  11. What is the shipping to UK with insurance? Duncan
  12. Great pics as usual Stew!! See you soon Duncan
  13. don't!!!! I put a ball on mine and took it for a dive and it flooded through this mount, luckily camera and all saved. Would hate to think what would have happened if the focus light was on it. To give Ikelite their due, they had a replacement part straight in the post. They said it is re-designed but will see when I pick it up in uk in a couple of days.
  14. Do you access to an ultrasonic bath? If you do and its big enough you could try them in there with some hot water and maybe a dash of citric acid powder. If you use penetrating oil, make sure to give them a very good clean after and be prepared to bin the orings as the oil can damage them.
  15. Thanks Randall, The post about blending modes was very helpful. I must look into these more!!! Would have saved me a few hours!! One thing I did find very useful was having the camera linked to the laptop and controlling it from there. I used dSLR Remote pro, very useful bit of software! Thanks again...
  16. Cheers Stew, Re The Sun, not that I am aware of.....nothing on Sun online...
  17. I don't have inon but from what I understand the manual is about as much use as a chocolate teapot!!! In general, TTL will not work so well for wide angle, but should do very well with macro. This is what I have found with ike ds 125 strobes and ike housing with TTL. The only times I use TTL is with macro.
  18. Thanks and cheers for your suggestions!
  19. As you back away you are shooting through more water which sucks out contract, saturation and sharpness, hence why we tend to use wide lenses so we can minimise the water column but still fit the subject in. Remember that the strobe light has to travel twice the distance (from strobe to subject and back) Take a look at the histogram of the image you posted. You will notice it is bunched towards the middle. In this situation be a bit more aggressive in post processing / raw development. (i assume you are shooting raw?). I took your jpeg into lightroom, added a little contrast, shifted the black point and boosted the exposure a touch. Total time 10 sec. You will have a lot more room to play with using the raw file.
  20. Ok, so have tried to put a bit of detail back into the blown moons. What do you think?
  21. Just had a thought...I could stack one of the moons from the right and mask the highlights out of central moons...why didn't I think of that earlier.......
  22. Yeah, that could work. I had it triggering from the computer and downloading. My initial idea was to make a time lapse movie so I wanted to leave everything the same to show the change i intensity so was kind of geared up to shoot something else! Should be another one in December so will try it a bit differently. The other problem is there is such a huge difference between the bright side and the darkside. Maybe a kind of HDR image? For example moon 8 is iso 400, f 6.3 3.2s and moon 9 is iso 100 f22 1/2 s. Auto bracket on my camera is plus / minus 2 stops! Could always change manually but a small nudge on the tripod and the moon disappeared out of frame. But then I can change the settings from the laptop so that isn't a reason! Lots of different things to try next time. Thanks
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