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  1. Hey Can I forward a few of you guys to http://forums.creativecow.net/readpost/27/857086 Where there is another slant on discussions about this film. Thanks again Sri
  2. Hey Drew Thanks for the insight. I haven't used Avid in a year and I really struggled with Express Pro and a Dell PC. I assume the majority of my problems were due to bad technology and trying to teach myself. I'll spend a bit of time researching what you've mentioned because in future I'd like to try RED and the new 2/4k camera systems. Roger (SZ) was recently on a shoot where they took a RED underwater, I'd love to see what it can offer top side and on the underwater realm. A friend I met at an FCP course works at a place called the FCP village at BBC wood lane. (Might be called something differnet). They do loads of doco's and light entertainment and have a massive SAN network what he was explaining to be sounded very cool. I do know that people use Avid for a reason and I don't want to diss it too much I just think that for low to mid range broadcast work FCP and a Mac can't be beat. Also Avid can be used on a mac (prefered I think). My advice get the Avid Express Trial form their site and "As an editor, it's better to be non-platform dependent." is a very good point. Just have a kick ass show real, who cares if you cut it on iMovie, only the snobs. Good luck. S
  3. So what causes fish extinction and why is everyone so worried about the sharks and blames the fishermen, what's all the fuss about Jonny? Surely it's hypocritical to be a conservationist and underwater enthusiast and still eat fish???
  4. Hey I was thought Media 100 and FCP at Uni and when I went to work for Arsenal they put me on Avid Express Pro because they were PC based. In short it was hell. I have used Media composer and it is very similar although much better than Express Pro. I really hate PC's for post and media work as unless you really spend thousands they are not up to the job. The data management and the work flow was horrible. I have now switch back to FCP and I feel like a weight has been lifted, the system just works and it is intuitive. Avid will always have a foot hold in the market because of it's high end Nitrus and Symphony series but for mid level pro-sumer jobs I say stay clear. Only my opinion and I haven't used it in a year. But take the plunge and buy a nice new Mac Book Pro, team it up with An AJA box and you can cut full HD on the fly. Also motion and the bundled package with FCP Studio is great although I prefer After Effects. Just my opinion though. All the best. message me if you want any more info Sri
  5. Hey Guys I really don't mind if we get off topic here, I am really interested in the dive communities ideas on fishing and eating fish and I don't need any praise for the video (thanks for it though) I feel this video is intended to open up debates like this and I strongly feel that small steps like divers stopping eating fish can have impact on wider spread views towards how we consume in general. We live in a wasteful and consumer lead society, that is leading to the depletion in natural resources. You as a community idealize these underwater resources yet at the same time help the industry that kills it off. Then I hear people complaining about finding nets on dives and of the state of the seas. Just order the chips next time. Sri
  6. Wagsy it took roughly 4 very stressful days to knock it out, 2 days assembling footage and arranging the narrative, then the last two making it look sweet. Was a manic job we needed to get out for the IUCN conference and it went down a storm there so very happy. Sri
  7. Hi Firstly sorry to anyone offended by the lady boy text, no offense intended, I shall remove it and replace it with Hermaphrodite in future. I'm not in the business of offending people to get the point across I do however think that conservation needs a different approach to reach newer audiences. The Japanese have many programs which try to make conservation "cool" I love this idea and really feel it will speak to the younger generation and by making conservation fashionable people will try to out do each other in their efforts, and not just hard core eco-worriors. Secondly I understand the nutritional argument for eating fish, and it is a great provider of many essential proteins and oils, but there are alternatives. I am healthy and have never eaten fish in my life, nor do I rely on nutritional supplements. However, the original point was one of the hypocrisy of divers eating fish. Doesn't the idea of paying to dive with fish and then have it served up for tea strike people as little odd?? Also the second song is By 'Sia' and called 'Breath Me'. Fantastic artist, who I stumbled across online. Thanks
  8. Hi Firstly thank you very much for your comments and kind praise. I'll try and answer some of the specifics. I totally agree with the argument about abstaining from seafood if you are a keen diver it seems highly hypocritical if your main food on a live aboard dive boat or resort is seafood. After all, the majority of divers visit dives sites to see the marine life, especially fish - who would want to pay to dive a site that has been fished out? I have a few good friend who work in the dive industry and have recently either become vegetarian or do not take seafood full stop. However they are a drop in the ocean compared to the majority I know who love seafood. I am a vegetarian and always have been, coming into the dive industry recently I actually laugh out loud when I see people at dive resorts eating seafood and many divers talking about conservation and their love for animals whilst tucking into a tropical fish supper. Any fishing is part of a wider problem it is not ok to eat sustainable fish food because the way it has been fished causes wider problems. I hate to be the preachy vegetarian but it does make me laugh. Now to Stillhope's point, firstly no offense and thanks for highlighting the issues that do raise interesting points for discussion. The idea behind the film was to portray the books new(ish) approach to conservation. The book trys to raise awarness through making people talk about animals and conservation in a more convivial manner. It is intended to give people more interesting things to say about animals and conservation. Say for example the Napolian Wrasse which is in grave decline but also is also a sequential hermaphrodite. This way of making conservation fun and interesting I find a nice way of engaging peoples attaention who may not usually be interested. I think we are both in agreement that we do need to find new ways of generating interest and grabbing peoples attention - hopefully this book will be a start! I fully understand this short video is an attention grabber, however as a company Scubazoo have also produced longer films with a more educatiuonal slant. All the best guys Sri
  9. Hi I'm new to this board so Hello and sorry if I manage to post this video incorrectly. This is an edit I did for a book promo called Adrift, the book is amazing as is the footage from scubazoo, who have amassed a huge arsenal of UW conservation footage over the last 10 years. I'm the in house editor for scubazoo, so hopefully some more exciting UW films to share with you guys in the future. Please let me know what you think. Kind Regards Sri
  10. Hey The company I work for has a massive stock photo and video library, look on www.scubazoo.com and there should be a link to the stock sales site. I'm good mates with the photo and video library managers and they are good people so should be able to help in any way they can. All the Best Sri
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