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    I like outdoor sports; scuba diving (best sport ever), cycling, jogging, swimming, weight training and try to fit in as many as possible.

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    Nikon D300
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  1. Excellent stuff mate!! Emma is chuffed as nuts too. Have to say it but your original composition with Liz in the bottom was way better. Shame Diver chopped it. They redeemed themselves by adding Mylene though.
  2. Hi Stew. Good to see Lewis won. Nail biting finish though. Well I've joined the wet pixel crowd as you suggested. Just trying to progress from a Brine shrimp to a Sea Wasp to a ?????
  3. I am new to wet pixel and this is my first posting. I have previously been using a Sea and Sea compact camera with a Sea and Sea YS 110 strobe for a year (approx 80 dives) with no problems. I have recently upgraded to a DSLR system (D300 in Subal housing with twin Inon Z240's and Sea and Sea cords). So far I've only done 20 dives with them but am dead impressed with the results to date.....I am so glad that some of the other comments have highly recommended these strobes and cords. Good luck with your next choice.
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