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  1. Is that a nudibranch/Seaslug? Very nice...especially with the other little buddy right next to it...Patience and luck, very important .... Cheers
  2. Hi Andre, Very nice shots. Just want to know if you don't mind me giving some thoughts about your pics. Maybe to improve them a little. Not that I am any better but I always welcome positive criticism. Let me know. Would like to see more, if you have. Thanks for sharing, Cheers, Henrik
  3. Hi jlyle, Good to hear they responded....I know everybody has automatically the right to their own pictures but I don't know what happens when you post the pics for the public to see, without either watermark or copyright stamp ( on your link I couldn't find either)....the watermarks are usually destroying the pictures beauty and I don't know how solid a copyright statement is....I guess we can only be careful and hope for the courtesy of others... Cheers, Henrik
  4. Looks like fun...What's the name of the game and when is it coming out for iphone4...you know the prize by any chance?
  5. Steve, I have to agree. The divers really look happy and relaxed. Can't remember when I went in the water without my camera and truly just took pictures with my own eyes and not through a lens. But I know on that one dive without my rig, I would find the perfect shot and later beat the crap out of myself that I didn't take it. The curse of a photographer. My wife hates me for that, because sometimes i spend up to 20 min on one spot, while shes fuming behind me out of boredom and the same dive group has passed us twice. Nice video by the way. I usually take a lot of time editing my videos at home after a trip. That's pretty fast in between dives, especially when you are not using stock footage like some other dive boats are. Great job. Cheers, Henrik
  6. Wow...amazing shots...can't wait to go there...probably don't have the 3 months to spare but definitely, this place is on my top list of places to go. Thanks, Cheers, Henrik
  7. Hi Jo, very nice footage. I have to agree though to tighten up the scenes a bit to keep the viewers interest. And maybe for the day shot in deeper water (on part 2) to use a light, like you did on the night dive, to bring out the full beauty and color of the soft corals on the chain and the lion fish. Great job and thanks for sharing, Cheers, Henrik
  8. Awesome stuff....should be made mandatory to show in schools and other places...make people aware.... Thanks Michel. Cheers, Henrik
  9. There might be some people who call that cheating ......Those techniques (if at all) should be handled very carefully and not encourage less aware divers two rip out two rocks of the reef to make some noise and attract fish. I guess as long you are taking the spoons back home with you it should be somewhat ok ....I am just trying to say that not everybody is an aware diver and knows how to use common sense. As for the no bubble thing, it will be tough for divers to accomplish that, unless you are using a rebreather or grow some gills. I apologize if I stepped on anybodies toes with this reply but these are my thoughts. P.s.: I admire anybody who can hold his breath longer than 2 minutes and still swimming while doing so. Apnoe divers must experience the ultimate freedom as it is perfectly shown in this little short film on the wetpixel home page: http://wetpixel.com/i.php/full/short-film-...d-onto-youtube/ Cheers, Henrik
  10. I my opinion I have to agree that the subject is not centered enough and the light is not in the right spot. By getting rid of the to many little friends I would have cropped it a bit. Maybe this works better for you. Just a suggestion.
  11. Hello everybody, I guess it's time now for me now to become part of the community. Have been a member since 2008 but never used wetpixel. Sorry to all of you that it took me so long. (I already froze my bank accounts, because there are away to many good tips on new equipment) I was reading a bunch of posts here and can say that there is not only a great knowledge to gain but also ....YOU GUYS ARE FUNNY!!!.... Looking forward to learn much more and share my experience. Cheers everyone, Henrik
  12. Hello there, I really appreciate the replies and if you guys want me to post more pics here (without you cruising through my gallery), please let me know. I always like the feedback, no matter how bad or good it is. You can only get better with experience. Definitely will try a different angle next time. The currents were only bad that day and usually the night dives had no current at all. The best dive was on one of the wall dives. As far as your light would allow you to see, the wall was covered with yellow sun corals. It looked like a field of vivid bright sunflowers. Amazing! Here is a close up (60mm macro of that day):
  13. I also would recommend Bonaire. One of the nicer islands for diving in the Caribbean. Lots of morays and smaller stuff to see. The island is especially catered to divers, like drive through tank fill up stations and around the island are yellow stones with names (the coast side) on the floor, indicating a dive spot. If you have a rental car you just drive up to the water, put your gear on trip twice and you are on the reef. For a place to stay one month, i would recommend an apartment with kitchen to rent. There are some nice ones not to far from dive centers, with pool and also close to the city center on the beach (for food shopping and restaurants). From our place we just had to step over a small road (little traffic) and dropped on the reef. Did everyday night dive for 2 weeks. Loved it. Sorry but i don't recall the name of the place anymore. I just know it was close to the yellow submarine dive center (which has a few seahorses fixed at its house reef). This is very relaxed diving, so nothing for the thrill seeker. If you are interested, here is a link to some of the pics I got from Bonaire: http://hwelle.squarespace.com/bonaire/ Good luck and have a great trip. Cheers, Henrik
  14. Thanks for your reply, I tried to show the depth of field. Wished I had left a bit more of negative space or a more diagonal angle. But like you said the condition didn't allow it better. Next time. But I know now what to look for. Thanks, Henrik
  15. First of all, congrats to your new discovered passion. I fully have to agree though with the others. It took me a while to truly master my buoyancy. If you want to take proper pictures with good equipment, diving has to become second nature. Do some testing in the pool and use your compact camera to get more comfortable. I would also suggest to go for the advanced open water diver certification (if your time and wallet allows it) to get more experience and confidence. Proper buoyancy is one of the greatest factors of taking good pictures, being a good diver and keeping the reefs in one piece. Good luck with and I can't wait to see your progress. I am sure you will pick it up very quick. Cheers, Henrik www.hwelle.net
  16. Sorry but it really does sound like your computer can't handle the video file format when you play it directly from your camera. I would suggest an editing software like i-movie or final cut pro for more professional editing to download it first an then convert it. Try to check your settings on the camera and then compare it with your tv or monitor settings. If you have the video file on your computer as a mov or quicktime movie you could either use quicktime or my favorite visual hub to convert it into mp4 for any apple product. Hope I could help a little.
  17. Hello everybody, I am looking for some feedback on one of my latest trips to paradise. The Maldives were absolute amazing. To bad my wife and I just missed the manta and wale shark season but nevertheless the trip was heaven. Here is one of my better pics and I would love to have some feedback from some fellow underwater photographers. My camera is a canon 50D with a Sea&Sea housing and all my macro is shot with a 60mm macro. Setting was on automatic. I am also adding a little story to the picture and the rest of the trip you can check out at http://hwelle.squarespace.com/hwelle-underwater-photography/ . Please let me know what you think. <h3 id="main-picture-description-title" style="font-weight: bold; margin-top: 1em; margin-right: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 1em; padding-left: 0px; font-size: 1.2em; color: rgb(30, 30, 30); ">"Being whipped"</h3>After an hour boat ride we finally reach our destination. It was pitch black by then; only the stars and the boat lights letting me see our location. Open ocean and in the far distance the shadow of a deserted island. For me, the night dive always starts with a funny feeling in my stomach when I have to jump into the black liquid, rolling underneath the boat. After I got organized with all my lights and camera gear in the water, I start my descend. The funny feeling disappears and getting replaced with calmness and amazement. The colors are incredible vivid, from bright reds to neon yellows. At a depth of about 40 feet, we just cruise along the reef wall. It feels like I am flying, looking down into the blackness and out of reach of the lights. A while into the dive I come across something that looks like a steal wire, which spirals horizontally away from the reef wall into the darkness. When I got closer with my camera searchlight, I saw the full beauty of the wire coral. They open up their tentacles to filter the water for food in the current and I set myself up for a shot. It looked like illuminated barbed wire and it was not an easy task to get the right position. Controlling my buoyancy with my breathing, fighting the current with my big camera rig, getting the right angle and not being able to hold on to something, made this a bit difficult. Especially for a macro shot, I had to get very close, without touching and damaging this fragile creature. After a few minutes repositioning myself, calming down my breathing and some test shots, I finally got this one.
  18. Hi Tom, very nice shots i have to say. I like the quality and sharpness. Maybe you can help me out. I am using a 60mm macro with the Canon 50D and a Sea&Sea housing. Do you think or maybe know for a fact that the subsee also works with my rig? Please let me know.
  19. Hi Steve, i recently have put almost the same system together like you have (just with the eos 50D) and I am going on a dive trip to the Maledives in 2 weeks. So my question is, what would be the best traveling case. You mentioned in another post (which i can't find anymore) that you liked the im2500 storm case. Did you really fit all the lenses, 2 strobes+light arms, housing, dome ports & 40d in that case?. I only have the 60mm macro+port and the 10-22mm+dome port and i was wondering if i might need another carry on. P.S.:I am very new to wetpixel, so i apologize if i posted this at a wrong spot Thanks, Blade305
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