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  1. Hi Duncan, It sounds like a really interesting project and I´m very curious for your final results. I´ve found the following link very useful when I started to play around with HDR (on land, I haven't tried it with UW-photography): http://www.cambridgeincolour.com/tutorials...namic-range.htm Regards, Lennart
  2. Hi Fletcher, The Whaleshark tours are from June till September, because that's the time of the year these animals visit this area. I really liked the trip, but you should know that these trips are regulated and strict rules have been set as to not disturb the animals. I was there in August '07 and at that time, the use of scuba equipment was not allowed (only snorkeling), the amount of people in the water at the same time was limited (which means you'll often have to get out of the water, wait for a couple of minutes, before you're allowed in back again), no flash photography was allowed and officially you're not allowed to get closer then 2 meters distance of the whale sharks. I think this is a very good thing in order to preserve the well being of the whale sharks, the only downside is that it makes it harder to do some serious photography. None the less, I can certainly recommend taking one of the trips and spending some time on the island (it has a very laid back and relaxed atmosphere). Lennart
  3. Thanks! Wadi Lahami is about an 2 - 2.5 hour drive from Marsa Alam. I don't know about the other resorts in the area but Red Sea Diving Safari (www.redsea-divingsafari.com) has their own transfer service and will pick you up from the airport. Thanks Maarten, I'm using a Canon 17-40mm and a Canon 100mm macro. However, the 17-40mm gives some soft edges. I think I'll try a diopter next time. Does anyone know which diopter should be used? Thanks, I've used two Inon Z240's! Regards, Lennart
  4. A couple of weeks ago, I've been making a trip to Wadi Lahami, Egypt for a week of diving on the Fury Shoals. A few weeks prior to the trip I decided to buy a Hugyfot housing for my Canon 5D. Since I've never did any underwater photography before, I wanted to be prepared as much as possible. Therefore I decided to buy Martin Edge's book and subscribe to Wetpixel.com. I would like to thank you all for all the valuable information that is available here. It definitely helped me during my trip. On the link below you'll find a collection of my photographs that I took during that week. I hope you'll like them. Link: http://www.lennartkuijs.nl/ Lennart
  5. Very nice pics Tristan! Next week I will depart for Wadi Lahami, where I will be using my 5D with 17-40 and 100 mm macro for the first time. I would be very happy if the quality of my pics will be the same as yours. Thanks for sharing, because your pics with EXIF data will be really helpful in figuring out which settings to use. Very well done. Lennart
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