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  1. still available. e-mail me
  2. The appearance is not very good, but there are no functional problems or a history of flooding at all. Asking $550 with free shipping WORLD WIDE. Payment method is PAYPAL. If you have any question, please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  3. FS: Nauticam 8.5" Acrylic Dome Port with Shade $320 with free shipping WORLDWIDE There are many scratches on the shade, but there are only subtle scratches on the surface of the dome port that are difficult to identify. please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  4. FS: Inon Z-330 2set. New never used. $1250 include FREE SHIPPING worldwide. I bought it last year as a spare but haven't had a chance to use it item included : 2 Set of Z-330(Include Optical Cable, Neoprene cover, Joint). Please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net payment method is PAYPAL.
  5. Price Dropped $2,300 with free shipping WORLDWIDE by EMS
  6. FS: Seacam SONY A7 II R/S housing setup. US$2,500 I have owned this housing for several years, but the number of uses is about 30 times. Vacuum system is installed, and the sync code type is S6 type*1, Nikonos type *1, but Nikonos type can be changed to S6. Lenses that can be used with this housing are as follows: Gears are not included. - Sigma MC11 + Canon 15mm fisheye or Sigma 15mm of Canon mount - Tamron 17-28mm F2.8 Di III RXD for Sony FE - Sony Alpha FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS - Sony Alpha E 10-18mm F4 ED OSS Included items are as follows - Seacam SONY A7 II R/S housing with Vacuum system - 160mm optical dome port (No scratches on the surface of the lens) - 73mm flat port for macro port - 25mm extension ring - 45mm extension ring - Sea&Sea Double Sync Cord - Other accessories (such as front/back cover, S6 Bulkhead*1, Mode dial) If you have any questions, please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net Payment method is paypal, Can be shipped worldwide and contact me for the shipping cost. Thank you.
  7. FS : Zen dome DP-100 and sea&sea Macro port 52 - Zen dome DP-100 optical dome for sea&sea - 20mm extension ring - sea&sea Macro port 52 - 2 ea of Nauticam port adapter this is for Tokina 10-17mm and 60mm macro for Nauticam and Sea&sea housing package price $550 include free shipping worldwide. for more information pls contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net.
  8. FS : Nauticam 180˚ Straight Viewfinder of DSLR housings $750 include free shipping worldwide. for more information pls contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net.
  9. FS : Seacam S180 viewfinder $850 Include free shipping worldwide. for more information pls contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
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