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  1. FS : Nauticam N120 Macro port 87 + 105VR gear Almost brand new as it has hardly been used since purchase. asking 50% of purchasing price $550 include free shipping worldwide. - Nauticam N120 Macro Port 87 SKU: # na-18702 $722 - Nauticam N105VR-F Focus Gear SKU: # na-19122 $280
  2. Price Dropped $2,200
  3. Accept reasonable price...
  4. FS : Subal Leica SL2 housing Condition is very good. In particular, there is no scratch on the glass surface of the DP-230 dome port. Items for sale are - Subal SL2 housing with vacuum system and pump - Subal DP-230/4 dome port with neoprene cover - Subal EXR-90/4 extension ring, 90mm - Zoom Gear for 24-90 lense Purchase price is approximately $7,500. asking $3,500 include free shipping worldwide For more information please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  5. FS : Sea&sea RX100III housing In this housing, the zoom button has been slightly modified to use the RX100M6/7. RX100M6/M7 can use in 24-70mm area. when using the RX100M6/M7, the LCD screen is slightly tilted to the right, but there is no problem in using it. Also RX100M3-M5 can be used. It was stored after using it about 5 times for testing. Included items are everything in the picture My price is $650 include free shipping worldwide. For more information please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  6. FS : 2 set of Ikelite DS-161 Strobe Battery is NiMh type and has been used about 50 times and is still being stored. - 2 ea of DS-161 - #4103.52 Dual TTL cord - Manual EV controller - 2 ea of Custom made sync cord(Nikonos – Ikelite) - 3 Battery Charger My price is $1,150 include paypal fee and free shipping worldwide. For more information please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net
  7. Sold. Thank you Zow
  8. All lenses have been sold The rest of the housing related items are $3,000 include free shipping worldwide.
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