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  1. FS: Subal type 4 ports, package $1500, Include free shipping worldwide.

    about 20 dives, Payment method is paypal.


    • Zen DP-230 Optical Dome port, back/front cover

    • Saga Nikon 60mm Macro Port, back port cover

    • 28mm extension Ring

    • 20mm extension Ring

    • 75mm extension Ring

    Subal Port1.JPG

    Subal Port2.JPG

  2. FS : Zen DP-100 Mini Dome for Tokina 10-17 / Nikon 10.5mm for Nauticam/ Sea&sea Housing
    - Zen DP-100
    - 20mm Extension Ring(Sea&sea to Nauticam)
    - Nauticam Adapter
    - Sea&sea Adapter
    - Nauticam Tokina 10-17 Gear


    ** There are fine scratches on the surface of the glass It is not photographed. It's hard to find scratches.
    ** If replace an adapter, it can be used in Nauticam / Sea&sea housing.


    Included free shipping worldwide for $650.


    Payment method is Paypal. for more information, Please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net


  3. FS: Nauticam 1DX housing for EOS-1D X / EOS-1D C(not included a camera)

    - two nikonos bulkhead.
    - almost new, 3 times diving in the swimming pool.
    - as shown in the picture, 1DX Mark II can be used except for some buttons(Buttons that do not affect underwater photography)


    Included free shipping worldwide for $1,900 or offer to me.
    Payment method is Paypal. for more information, Please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net



  4. FS: Seacam Canon EOS 1DsMarkII housing and 240mm Optical Dome port

    - Housing with PRO G finder $250(1*Nikonos, 1*S6)
    - 240mm Optical Dome port, Port Cap, Neoprene cover $750
    (Very fine scratches on the glass surface but no effect on the picture)


    Included free shipping worldwide.
    Payment method is Paypal. for more information, contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net




  5. FS : Inon Z-330*1, Z-240*1,etc

    - New (Inon Z-330, Joint, Neoprene cover, Optical Cable etc ) with Original box
    - Used Inon Z-240 but very good condition
    New ( Joint, Neoprene cover, Optical Cable, etc) with Original box
    - New ( carbon arm 200m*70mm * 2ea, 200mm arm *2ea, Clamp * 6ea)


    sell as a package total US$1,400 included free shipping world wide.

    Payment method is paypal.


    Optical cable type inon => Nauticam or Sea&sea

    For more information, please contact shjeong8@hanmail.net




  6. FS : Small HD DP4 4.3" LCD Monitor with Nauticam NA-DP4 Monitor Housing

    The NA-DP4 Housing includes access to all controls on the SmallHD LCD monitor.

    The housing accommodates the SmallHD monitor with one or two Canon LP-E6 batteries (not included).

    The monitor housing also incorporates the trusted and fast acting Nauticam leak detector with visual and audible alarm.

    All Nautical housings with the M16 accessory port are compatible with the NA-DP4. For camera housings with the M14 or 1/2" thread size accessory ports, specific socket extensions and HDMI bulkheads are available. (not included)


    What's Included:(see last picture)
    •Nauticam NA-DP4 Monitor Housing with attached HDMI cable
    •Small HD DP4 4.3" LCD Monitor- not included LP-E6 batteries.
    •Nauticam M16 HDMI bulkhead
    •Mini cable(Camera to HDMI bulkhead)


    $750 with frees shipping worldwide. payment method is paypal.

    please contact me shjeong8@hanmail.net for any questions..




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