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  1. Does somebody know the name of this critter? It was found on a night dive on a black cucumber. Houserif of Moal Boal in Cebu
  2. This is a juvenile Arothron stellatus. As a *puber* he will have black and yellow stripes. As an adult he has dots! http://www.poppe-images.com/images/search_...IDAE&page=3 You can find more information on this site.
  3. The feather duster worm is probably from the family Sabellidae and is the Bispirra sp. I found these worms also in de Philippines.
  4. maybe the Stellaster equestris ?
  5. The first flatworm is Thysanozoom sp. Flatworms don't have all the names yet! Great pictures Richard! hoi 10nus
  6. There is also a great new book on the market about Nudibranches from Debelius and Kuiter. Nice to have and it is really a big volume book! What I like in this book are the many pictures and also the slightly differences between the nudi's. It calls: Nudibranches of the world, distribute by Ikan. ISBN: 978-3-939767-06-0
  7. Hoi Richard It is a nice book, I use it a lot!
  8. Hello Everyone! Let me first introduce myself to you. Im a women diver from Holland. I only dive in warm waters and the most dives I have made in the Red Sea and a long time ago (80/90's) on the Maldives. Last month was the first time in the Philippines. Great!!! A lot of names I can find on different sites but I'm still looking for names of some creatures and I hope you folks can help me to find the names. I know, sometimes it is very difficult but maybe only the *family* name will do. This worm was found on a nightdive in shallow water (2-3 meters) He was very long, maybe 1 or 2 meters. Whit the light of the lamp he/she crolls quickly back in a hole in the sandy bottum. Place: Moal Boal-Philippines. Thanks and hope to hear from you! greetings from Holland Tineke (10nus)
  9. Great shots Robyn! I was last month in the Philippines but didn't get a good picture of this seahorse. Hope to find also answers on some of my pictures! greetz Tineke (10nus)
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