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  1. Nikon D7200 Underwater housing, cameras and accessories for sale. I am selling my entire D7200 set up. If you are not familiar with this model, Nikon’s D7200 is a very capable camera. I have been using it professionally for about a year. It takes fantastic images and it has never let me down. The 7200 is a relatively new model. You would be buying Nikon’s most current consumer level DSLR. Here is what I have. Prices in USD. AQUATICA AD7100/7200 HOUSING. As is, (it is in working order): $1500 Or, I can have it completely refurbished by Aquatica before I send it to you. After the service it would be $1800 AQUATICA 8” ACRYLIC DOME PORT WITH COVER. A few small scuffs and nicks but nothing that can’t be polished out. $500 The housing accepts both the D7100 and D7200 bodies. I have one of each for sale. NIKON D7100 CAMERA BODY $500 NIKON D7200 CAMERA BODY $750 Shipping from Canada.
  2. Thanks Bill. I've been using this lens for years and its definitely not strobe position. If I posted images you'd see a narrow angle well exposed shot followed by a wider almost completely white shot. I am just curious how the length could make such an enormous difference. I'm assuming its a circuit board issue in the lens but I am not sure if the lens even transmits exposure data to the camera or if that is all registered by the body itself.
  3. Hi Guys, On a shoot in False Bay right now and I am experiencing a problem with my Tokina 10-17. Would appreciate some input: My images are about twice as bright at 10mm than at 17mm. So when I set exposure at 17mm and zoom out, it blows out all the images. If I set exposure at 10mm and zoom to 17mm the images are practically black. I've tried it on 2 different D7000 bodies and its doing the same thing so it is clearly the lens. I can keep adjusting the exposure but its very frustrating. Any ideas?
  4. Like Holbox, Ningaloo is another whale shark location that frowns on strobe use. It depends on the operator I think. They also have a strict policy of not letting snorkelers swim further forward than the whale shark's pectoral fins which is a non starter for good shots.
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