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  1. Awesome shots once again, Keri. For anyone that hasn't dove the cenotes - it's well worth a trip out there. We're already planning a next trip back.
  2. Stay tuned. Should be announced this week or next. Will be posted on WP and DPG soon.
  3. I just wanted to reiterate what Alex said. Especially the part about what a pleasure it was to judge (although it was very difficult). The images are truly amazing. Congrats to all the Wetpixel members that won.
  4. Adam - that was two years ago, the last time it was in Vegas. It was a blast, but I don't think we will see the likes of that again. Too many problems with hotel security
  5. I agree. The phantom scenes were ridiculous. The zebra chasing Cheetah was by far my favorite shot.
  6. It won't be quite as wild as the last Vegas DPG/Wetpixel party, but still plenty to drink! Look forward to seeing everyone there.
  7. Mike -- great idea. Photos are excellent. Gives me the urge to go back out there.
  8. Keri did a great job with that article. He has been working very hard on the technique and has really done a great job of mastering it, bringing the popular studio photography technique to the oceans. I'll alert of him of this thread and I'm sure he'd appreciate if you left him a comment on the article, too. It would be cool to see images from people that want to try and use the article to do their own snoot photography.
  9. Karen, you're always willing to help out Congrats to you on your win and everyone else, too.
  10. You should get as close as your lens will let you focus, but these, and other macro wet lenses, will decrease your minimum focus distance and allow for better maximum magnification. I bet that shrimp is significantly smaller than a clownfish. If you are happy with the magnification of your macro images and don't want to worry about the added focus difficulties don't worry about it, but most people I know are happy with them and you can learn to use them like anything else. Many people said they like to use two, which will decrease your depth of field even more making it even harder to focus, so you can try one and then add a second if you like. Also, they are wet lenses so you can removes them underwater if you feel like you want a wider shot or that you don't want to risk a particular subject being out of focus.
  11. What are the filetype and size of the photos you are trying to upload?
  12. You are probably right that if you are having trouble with DOF on land, it will be even harder underwater . I think the 10-20 is a better choice than the Canon 18-75mm for starting underwater for a number of reasons, the top one being it focuses closer. Matt
  13. Well as I am sure you know, the max limit is 33 ft. You can probably take it down deeper, but whether it will function or not is another story. Also, just because someone else managed to use it at 20 meters doesn't mean it will always work . If you are looking for a dive camera, the waterproofs are not really ideal...yet...
  14. Hi, The Canon SD series are nice, inexpensive cameras but lack a lot of the manual features that most underwater photographers desire. I don't have any hands on experience with the 780IS, but if you are only looking for some simple snapshots, the camera with the Ikelite housing will work great. Anything more, you may want to look into a camera with manual controls. -Matt
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