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  1. Hi Joe Sorry for any confusion, we arrive at Papua this week on the 24 May 2013. I will up date you on our return. Regards Robert
  2. Hi Joe, There are a number of options to fly to Sorong. We looked at Bali, Jakarta and Manado. For us coming from Australia, jakarta was the better option as there were more services to Sorong and it avoided the need to stay overnight in Bali or Manado and possibly an overnight stay in Sorong. The package we got was unlimited diving which includes the house reef. Regards Robert
  3. Hi, Thanks everyone for their response and experience. We have followed up both kri and Papua paradise resorts and have selected Papua as they were able to fit within our itinerary ( we depart on 24 May for 14 days). We would have been quite happy to stay with kri. The last two years we visited Alor and Weda and hopefully Raja will be as pleasant as these. I will update the forum on our return. Regards Robert
  4. Thanks, interceptor and frogfone, Kri appears to be a popular choice. The use of a portable solar shower bag/pack is indeed a very good idea. regards
  5. Raja Ampat land based resorts I am planning a 14 day trip in late May 2013. Can anyone recommend a mid-priced resort that offers reasonable accommodation, but more important a good diving operation. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Regards Robert
  6. Thanks Luca, I will follow up the Hugyfot 'fibre optic adaptor'. What I also need to do is see whether there is sufficient room to open and fire the canon flash in the sea and sea housing and that there is sufficient space to add an optic cable to capture the flash ,as per the pictures posted by "Gudge" in a prior post. Are there any readers out there in the community that have gone down this path? I would be interested in your comments! Rob
  7. Thanks for your response “gudge”. Yes it was your rig and experiences that I was referring to. Over the past 12 months I have followed with great interest the various threads in Wetpixel and other forums including ones closer to home in Australia in relation to the Canon 40D. It is fair to say that comments posted here in Wetpixel have significantly influenced the direction I have taken and my learning curve moving up to a DSLR set up. I chose the Sea and Sea MDX 40 housing over the Nexus housing (which provides for optical fired strobes) due to the ease of obtaining and understanding available port combinations for Canon lenses etc. I currently use Inon 240z strobes and I am very interested whether your solution for the subal housing can be applied to the Sea and Sea housing. I will get in contact with Reefphoto to see whether they are able to assist. Regards Rob
  8. Hi, I read with some interest a few months ago regarding the conversion of a Subal housing for a Canon 40D to fire strobes using fibre optic cables. I understand a conversion kit was used to replace the housings sync bulk-head with one to accept optical cables. Does any one know whether the conversion kit is available (from where and approximate cost). In addition, is any one aware whether appropriate modifications can be made to a Sea and Sea housing (MDX 40D) bulkhead to accept fibre optic cables. Regards Rob
  9. Hi, I am seeking a housing for the Nikon D200. Prefer Nexus, Sea and Sea or Ikelite, but will consider other options /combinations. Rob South Australia
  10. Hi Nick, I am interested in the items that you currently have for sale and have sent you an email. Regards Robert South Australia
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