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  1. Still no-one interested? The strobes are in the Netherlands with my parents. In case Bonaire scares buyers away.
  2. Hi Lasse, I have a Subtronic Mega and a Megacolor for sale. You can see some pics at this ad on the forum: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=47469 Regards, Maarten.
  3. And here are some pics from the strobes:
  4. I have for sale: -Subtronic Mega with charger and original lockingplate for travel _Subtronic Mega color with charger and homemade lockingplate for travel -Neoprene cover -2 N5 cables (one almost new) -Original manual in German (laminated) It's all in working order and I'm selling them because I've bought 2 Seacam 150's. The strobes are in the Netherlands. Send me a pm and I will get back to you. Regards, Maarten. ps pictures will follow
  5. And I'm still looking for a Subtronic Mega or Megacolor. Maybe perhaps the Seacam versions of those strobes. Please let me know if you have one lying around. Even if it's not working. I'm seeing those great scenes under water and I would love to take those pics with a second warm strobe. Regards, Maarten. http://aquastills.com
  6. I've now moved now to Bonaire. It's beautifull here but very expensive to maintain a living. I've managed to save some money for a second Subtronic Mega(color). So, please: If someone has a good one for sale for a reasonable price please let me know. Maarten.
  7. Still looking, and maybe a Seacam 350/350 colour is possible too. Kind regards, Maarten.
  8. Hi everyone, I've allready have a Subtronic Megacolor but I want a second one (or Mega) for my wideangle shots. I'm moving to another country so I don't have too much money. But I hope to buy one before we leave. If you have a good one please let me know. Kind regards, Maarten.
  9. I know this ad is old. But do you stills have the Seacam 350 strobes? I'm interested. Please let me know. Maarten.
  10. Here are some pictures of my setup. http://aquastills.com/pogingpro/ Maarten.
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