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  1. You have a new stupidest forum member. Oh damnation, I actually trusted £1000 worth of Olympus kit to an expensive poly bag! I surf loads in the beautiful Western Isles. I survive the pounding easily . . . can't be that hard for a camera. Ewa-marine mixed a pint and a half of green brine with my expensive electronics. NEVER TRUST AN EWA MARINE BAG Procede with your inevitable mickey taking.
  2. I bought the E-510 twin lens kit when it came out... Oh I love it. However I need to get back into my watersports as I have moved to the Isle of Lewis. It's cold and very wet and wild here. Do you reckon the housing for the e520 is the best thing I can get for my e510? does anybody know about this japanese housing? http://www.un-ltd.co.jp/en/index.html what about the gibson model sold by BS Kinetics? How long would I last with one of those bag things like the ... Ewa-Marine U-AX? Until tonight I thought I couldn't get a system to fit an e-510. oh the choices. Thank you in advance for any feedback. rod
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