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  1. I've just found this fascinating post. I do remember that when Nikon announced the end of commercial production of the RS they said it would still continue to be produced to fulfil government and military contracts. I have always thought it a great shame that those wonderful U/W corrected wideangle/fisheye lenses are not available for digital use. Come on Nikon, let's have a digital RS using today's sensors.
  2. It looks like the living coral tissue died and that resulted in the underlying dead skeleton crumbling. Over several years without the living tissue depositing new skeleton, that amount of dead skeleton could easily erode. What killed the living polyps though? Competition from another organism like the sponge suggested or damage caused by animals/humans are probably both possible. Richard
  3. I believe the original 15mm f/2.8 had serial numbers 15XXXX whereas the later f/2.8N retrofocus model had serial numbers starting at 200001. Apart from the serial number range, there was no difference in the markings on the front dome retaining ring. The length of the cylindrical section of the lens body that contains the distance and aperture scale window and controls is noticeably different between the two versions. If you view the lens side on with the scale window visible then on the original lens this cylindrical section is not much longer than the depth of the window and the controls are very close to the front section of the lens. Rear view of original lens with controls close behind rear of dome and showing rear element extended well back from the mount. In the later lens the cylindrical section of the body is significantly extended with the window being about a third of the length of the cylinder. The cylindrical section is stepped so that it has a smaller diameter nearer the mount. The controls are in this part which puts them well back from the front dome section of the lens (see image in Alex's post). Later lens showing position of the the controls and window. Richard
  4. Strobe discharge tubes are pretty specialised. Different models of a suitable power rating will probably work but given that there is a pair it makes it more important to get exactly the right one, so that they fire with the same characteristics.
  5. That is my view too. It doesn't help that the port configuration given by SUBAL for the 12-24 puts the lens in the wrong position relative to the centre of curvature of the port (too far back). Richard
  6. I am appalled that a whaleshark caught in early September still remains in captivity at Atlantis Hotel, Dubai. http://7days.ae/storydetails.php?id=68869&...dline%20support These animals are totally unsuitable for aquariums and none has ever been kept successfully in captivity. They are highly migratory and roam over great distances. Having photographed them in a number of locations, I am passionate that future generations of divers should be able to experience seeing these wonderful creatures in their natural environment. Whalesharks are protected by Appendix II of the Convention for Migratory Species (CMS) and Appendix II of the Convention for International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Appendix II of CMS requires parties to cooperate to develop arrangements aimed at the protection and conservation of species listed on it such as the whale shark. This is not compatible with keeping this animal in captivity. Rashid Ahmed bin Fahad of the Ministry of Environment and Water, previously stated that the whale shark would be released but this has not happened and no date for release has been given. Tourism in Dubai is likely to be adversely affected by a negative international media campaign initiated by conservation and recreational diving interests. I strongly urge divers to use their influence to ensure that this whaleshark is released very soon. The Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce can be emailed at info@dubaitourism.ae or alternatively their contact form can be used at http://www.dubaitourism.ae/ContactUs/tabid...US/Default.aspx Contact the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water (minister H.E. Dr.Mohammed Saeed Alkindi) at minister@moew.gov.ae
  7. Alex, How do you rate the 17-35mm with the Subal D700 combination against the Nikon 12-24 on a cropped sensor? I'm intending to switch to the D700 as I have long wished for the advantages of the bright full frame viewfinder that I got with film. Although I have had 3 Subal housings I am not certain that I will use the ND700. I like the idea of fibre linked strobes driven off the pop-up flash (like Nexus and others). Only wish Subal would adopt this. Any thoughts? Richard
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