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  1. Peter, When you do the service and Clean/replace o-ring what grease did you choose to use? I was curious if it was a silicone compound or a fluorinated grease. David
  2. Richard, What model rebreather do you dive? We have oxygen compatible grease in 5 gram single use packets. follow this link to view the packaging: www.aerospacelubricants.com/tribolube/scuba We will work something out via the manufacturer or a distributor close to you. Regards, David Lodwick
  3. Antacid, We have a Tribolube distributor for you as well. Please contact Andy Fritz. info@rebreatherlab.com Regards, David
  4. GHP, Sorry for the interval of time to answer your question. Please contact Stephen Phillips he is the distributor for the UK. tribolubeuk@aol.com Regards, David Lodwick
  5. Is anyone going to the Beneath the Sea show this year?
  6. Elmer, Tribolube 71 Is safe to use on all elastomers ,plastic seals, gaskets, and O-rings, whatever the material is made of. Aquatica and Amphibico have been using Christolube MCG111 for over five years. It will not absorb into the o-ring. The o-ring will not swell like it will with silicone grease either. We are proud to announce that they will both be switching to Tribolube 71 when their supply runs out. We have small 5 gram packets that have put together for this type of application. Please follow the link below to one of our distributors to take a look. Feel free to email me if you have any questions that this reply does not adress or answer. http://www.piranhadivemfg.com/products.html Thanks, David Lodwick david@aerospacelubricants.com
  7. The Tribolube 71 is the main lubricating grease I would recomend for static and dynamic movement of O-rings and moving parts David
  8. James, Thank you for the opportunity to test our product in your system. How did you get a sample to try? Did We meet at the DEMA show in Vegas this year? Thanks again for the post. If there are any question that you have do not hesitate to call or email me. David Lodwick david@aerospacelubricants.com 614-878-3600
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