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  1. hey Dave. Viz varied day to day the clarity of water was poor but I guess that is why the sharks are there...feeding on all the plankton in water.
  2. The trip to Isla Mujeres is certainly worth it...you cant miss on this one....there are 100's of whale sharks everyday to photograph. Viz is not the greatest based on the photos I see from La Paz but overall a very cool trip. Some days we felt like we were in the middle of a railroad yard dodging freight trains...there were that many... M.
  3. Hmm.. I think I would have to have my gallery on Flickr to embed a photo here. Not sure if my me.com site at apple allows that? Ok.. I see that is a pinned topic... Sorry guys... M.
  4. Hey Everyone Been awhile since I posted but I thought I would share these whale shark pics with everyone here. My wife and I were recently in Isla Mujeres snorkeling and took these photos. Great trip..highly recommended... www.fishlens.com click on center logo then whale shark image Mike and Keri Palasz
  5. For Sale: Nexus Nikon d2x housing. Accepts M5 or master ports. Great condition. All reasonable offers considered. Please email directly: michael@palasz.com I will send pictures to interested parties. Thanks, M.
  6. Eskasi is correct.. Adding tele converters , diopters and wet diopters all have pros and cons.. Housing and port design is also a consideration when choosing the above combinations. Wet diopter the easiest way to proceed with super macro. M.
  7. I watched the video link that LOFTUS posted. Why does the column appear to wobble when the d90 is panned? Will that be a limitation to DSLR HD video? M.
  8. I have purchased 4 Nexus housings from Woody at www.nexusamerica.com. If you need Nexus and associated ports he is a good resource. BUT, I have also purchased a bunch of stuff from Ryan at Reef Photo Video... You will do well purchasing your equipment from either source.. M.
  9. Andree - I have not used the athena but INON makes a ring flash that I do use. Check with Ryan at Reef photo and video (a sponsor).. He has used them. M.
  10. solmar has the lunchbox cage and you can climb out but not swim around After a couple of close passes you will want to be in cage. M.
  11. I shot all of these GW's with the 17-55.. http://homepage.mac.com/mikepalasz/PhotoAlbum17.html I kinda liked this lens but have only used it once in Guadalupe. M.
  12. I second the d80...very nice camera above and underwater..plenty of housing choices and the viewfinder is great. M.
  13. Hi Joe- I think for first attempt with digital your photos are very good. My first two years produced maybe one keeper! That little sharpnosed puffer is nice. I see you are using Iweb.. Is there a way to turn off the reflection in slideshow mode? M.
  14. Hi Paul- Autofocus Strobe over port, centered f22, ISO 100 or 200, 1/100 to 1/125 Set your LCD to -1 on camera Not sure if you are going to be shooting small critters (f22) or fish portraits (f8)...your settings may vary but this is a good start. Check our cozumel page on our web site....we have loads of pictures and settings with the 60mm and d70. This website: http://www.splashdowndivers.com/photo_gall...s_d70_notes.htm is a great resource. M.
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