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  1. hi all, Thanks for your replies - have been very useful. I have decided to get the housing, as mentioned i found out i can get the button added if i do decide i need it. As i shoot RAW & will be using a strobe hopefully i won't. thanks again Kei
  2. Hello! I have seen a discounted housing for my recently purchased Canon 450d - BUT it does not have the Print/White Balance button. The reason it is a bit cheaper is it has been discontinued. However the replacement one DOES have this button. Now i shoot in RAW so do i really need this button - or do i wait until i can afford the newer one with said button? I hope that makes some kind of sense! Advice gratefully received, Thanks Kei
  3. hello - thanks for the replies. I'm going to be using it both in the UK and in blue water. Thanks for the tip about 100/105's thats worth knowing. (scratches those off the list)
  4. First of all apologies if this has been asked many time before! I have just got myself a canon EOS 450d. I am wanting to head down the macro route and wanted some advice about which lens to start saving for. In case it makes a difference I am going to be getting the ikelite housing as can't afford an ally one. Thanks for your help in advance! Kei
  5. wow i never knew that raw images took up so much space on your cards... will be bearing that in mind when i get a new camera - thanks!
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