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  1. Hi folks, I'm thinking about replacing my Canon G16 with underwater housing. First, I thought a Canon G1 X Mark II with Canon's own underwater housing would be a good idea. On the other hand Canon's G3 X actually better fits to me needs in general, but I Canon doesn't offer an underwater housing for it. So I'd have to buy a more expensive one from a third party manufacturer. Any recommendations about the Canon G3 X and for a third party underwater housing? And, in general, does/did anybody use this camera for underwater shots? Can/would you recommend it? Or would a Canon G1 X or a Sony RX 100 V be the better choice? For both of them there are underwater housing available from the camera manufacturer which are not so expensive then third party ones. What do you think? Many thanks in advance, GuidoW
  2. Hi folks, by the help of you guys here in this forum I bought a Canon Powershot G10 with underwater housing in 2008 or 2009. Since this time I used it continously on my snorkeling trips on four continents. Actually I like my G10 but time goes on and cameras improve. So I decided to buy a new one. I was thinking about the G16 successor last year. There were a lot of rumors about the G17 but finally Canon didn't bring to market so far. And, more rumors are telling Canon won't bring it to market in future. Dead segment, to costs intensive, to less demand or something like these topics. Don't know in detail. What I'd like most on the G17 (announcements) were two things: similar operation like my G10 combined with the new 1'' CCD sensor. Well, I don't use this camera for under water shootings only. Furthermore I use it out of water, liking its full manual mode and RAW shot option. So my question is: Can you recommend another more up to date camera replacing my G10? Of course availability of underwater housing is obligatory. Thanks for reading. Any hint or suggestion would be appreciated very much! Regards, Guido
  3. Many thanks for your reply - I'll have a look! I forgot to say that I want to use the optical viewfinder outside the water only, i.e. if it's to bright or to dark to see anything on the LCD display. Again, many thanks for your tip! Guido
  4. Hello everybody, my name is Guido and I'm totally new to this forum. I've been advised to ask my questions in the forum by a semi professional diver and under water photographer. Well, my wife and I are visiting the tropical regions for snorkeling since a few years. Last years we visited the maldives and bought a very cheap underwater camera with built in film there and took some shots. I think we don't have to speak about the quality of these photos. At our home I'm photographing analog in 6x6. But, I don't want to take this equipment with me during vacation. Therefore we decided to buy a further camera which will allow us to take under water photos too - using a special case/box around the camera itself. Because I'd like to do the post processing myself and I'm a little bit spoiled form my off water equipment the new camera should fulfill the following requirements because it will be used out of water also. Well, these are my requirements: - No DSLR because it's to big. Better a smaller compact digital camera - under water case / housing must be available for it - should have an optical view finder and a small LCD display at its back - relatively small and low weight - fully automatic and manual mode (time/exposure free selectable) - metering: spot and surroundings (automatically and manual choice) - wide angle to tele zooming lenses - data format: raw format available (=> direct import to photoshop), i.e. not JPEG only - may be built in flash I think these are the "must haves" for first. Any idea/suggestions what to buy? Many thanks for now! Greetings Guido
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