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  1. About 7 years ago I wanted to buy the Zen 230 glass dome but I was assured that the Nauticam glass was the same, so I bought it. To check, I took a template of the internal radius of my Nauticam dome to Bangkok to see if Douglas Seifert's Zen dome was the same. They seemed identical. A +2 B&W dioptre will improve corners, but also reduce the angle of view. I found I didn't need it with the 230 glass and Nikon 16-35. If the corners are a problem I would try the Sea & Sea Internal Correction lens. If I was doing this again, I would try the Sea & Sea first with the 8.5" acrylic dome which is so much lighter, cheaper and easier to polish if necessary.
  2. Surely the 8-15 on an APS-C sensor makes it almost equivalent to the Tokina 10-17, which is desirable and useful, whereas on FF it has no more utility than a Sigma 15 fisheye unless you like gimmicks.
  3. Thanks Wolfgang for that info! That dome was about 18cm radius. I no longer own it.
  4. It seems to me that fisheye lenses in large domes are a problem, because most big domes are not hemispherical but truncated hemispheres. The Nauticam 230mm is about 70% of a hemisphere. So if you place the front entrance pupil at the centre of curvature, the dome mounting plate will vignette the lens. (I realise that with fisheye lenses the "front entrance pupil" is slightly arbitrary.) I made an 8" hemisphere once but it was so buoyant I never used it. I also made a 14" hemispherical dome for only over/under shots so buoyancy didn't matter, but it needed a rotating lead weight to persuade it to float in the right place. I was measuring the Nauticam 8.5" dome and the Aquatica 8" this morning and if you place a fisheye where it should be, both vignette a lot. So the lens needs to be positioned far enough into the dome so it doesn't vignette. Fisheyes seem very forgiving about this. I also have a 6" hemispherical dome I made and I can place the front entrance pupil of the 10-17 in the right place. I am not convinced that optically this will be better than the Nauticam 8.5" in the wrong place. I liked this 6" dome for travel with the D800 because the centre of curvature was perfect for both the Sigma 15 fisheye and the Nikkor 18mm. Has anyone compared results with a small hemispherical dome in the right place with a larger dome in the wrong place?
  5. TimG's reply came in as I was writing this! . The Nikon 8-15 and FTZ with the Z7 in DX crop mode would deliver 20MP files and be a useful zoom akin to the Tokina 10-17, whereas the 8-15 on fullframe has no useful zoom function unless you like gimmicks. I am irritated by this lens simply because Nikon could have built a full frame fisheye zoom like the old Pentax and dominated the market completely.
  6. I have two 12" UCLS arms and 3 clamps, but even registered airmail is US$33, EMS is $60, so wouldn't make it that much cheaper than new. They are as-new condition. I would be looking for $150 including registered airmail. Best to find some in the UK if you can.
  7. I have TLC arms in good condition. 3, 6" double ball arms, 1, 8" double ball arm and 6 clamps, US200 including EMS trackable post.
  8. This kid's lifejacket can work to support a housing for over/under shots.
  9. Try shooting in a well lit swimming pool, bracing yourself on the bottom or side, shoot at 1/200th and f8, auto ISO and see if you have the same sharpness issues. I think f3.2 and 1/100th will give you crappy shots whatever gear you use. Also try lighting an underwater subject with flash, say ISO 200, f11 and 1/200th and see if that's sharp. I doubt it's your gear that's a limitation. Let us know!
  10. I have a custom 6" cast acrylic dome for nauticam N120 I would sell US$ 350 plus EMS from Thailand.
  11. Hi Tobi-Wan, I owned the Aumann 18mm for a while which I purchased from Doug Perrine. I sold it many years ago to someone in Germany or Holland, I can't recall. A guy called Dave was looking for one then; maybe he has one he wants to sell? daveblackham@me.com You might get at least as good results with an 18 behind a good dome using the Sea & Sea internal correction lens, a combination Doug Perrine likes.
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