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  1. I have one I can sell. 250 euro including EMS from Thailand. Which country are you in? As new condition.
  2. I was thinking of casting resin around a snooker ball to make a plastic ball head, then realised I have any number of ball joints in flash arms. I bought a cheap tripod from a charity shop. cut off the pan/tilt head and ground down part of a TLC arm to glue into the tube. I removed the lower leg section and glued rubber feet on. I put a metal hook into the base of the column which I can tension to a rubber lever-suction cup attached to a pool tile with bungee cord. (In the sea you would need weights.) I cut a 6mm aluminium plate and drilled clearance holes for the 1/4" Whitworth machine screw and the 5mm metric screws in the corners of the plate, (for a NA-D800 housing). An 8mm countersunk machine screw and epoxy secured the 1" ball fitting to the plate. Bits of TIG rod silver soldered to the screws allows me to attach the plate without tools.
  3. One thing that never gets a mention, is AF fine tune. We have four bodies, D850 and D800 and a dozen lenses, each of which need to be adjusted precisely for each body. This is a pain to say the least. With mirrorless focusing off the sensor, this issue disappears. I have a Nauticam, D800, 230 glass etc and it's simply too heavy for me now. A Nikon Z50 in a Nauticam with the 16-50DX behind a WWL-C will save a lot of weight for rectilinear and an 8-15 fisheye and FTZ adapter behind a 170 dome will cover the fisheye requirements. I'm tempted to use the Tokina instead, with FTZ and a dome with manual focus... Anyone tried this? The Z50 uses the same sensor as the D500.
  4. Silicone spray and working the controls seems to have freed things up. I should emphasise; NOT WD-40.
  5. I have used 6 homemade housings, a Seacam and two Nauticam housings over the last 45 years. My next housing will be Nauticam. I use a Vivid Leak Sentinel on my current Nauticam. (I lived on small sailing yachts for 23 years...) Smaller might be a Nikon Z50 with 16-50 DX, WWL-C for wide rectilinear and FTZ with 8-15 zoom fisheye for fisheye in a Nauticam. A combination I'm considering.
  6. I used to build my own housings, and never had a housing serviced (except by me) even when I had Seacam and now Nauticam. My D800 housing developed a sticky multi-selector button so I thought I would service those controls... If you want to know why housings seem expensive, have a look at the link for the patent for the Nauticam multi-selector. https://patentimages.storage.googleapis.com/4c/16/6b/726d94445d785f/US8787745.pdf As Alex Mustard once said, "Deeply impressive engineering." Extraordinary time and effort must have gone into creating something we take for granted. So unless someone has made a video of disassembling this, I think a spray of silicone oil will have to suffice, for now...
  7. I still have a 230 Nauticam dome. Small scratch which doesn't bother pictures...
  8. I have used one Seacam (D200) and two Nauticam housings, (D7000 and D800). My next housing will likely be Nauticam which seem excellent in every respect. I have never had a housing serviced. I am considering a Nikon Z50 with the 16-50 DX and the WWL-1 for wide rectilinear. The Nauticam housing is about half a kilo lighter than the SLR housings. As mentioned, the Tokina 10-17 won't work with an FTZ adapter so I think for fisheye I will need the 8-15mm on FTZ. With possibly the Athena 170 dome with which I can shoot over/under almost. I no longer shoot macro and need lighter gear because I am falling apart. This should be roughly 2.5kg lighter than my current gear. This approach may suit you. There is plenty of expertise on this thread to correct any errors of thinking on my part. Feedback welcome!
  9. Any idea what trackable post cost to Thailand would be? EMS if you have it in Spain.
  10. Hi Andy, Only just seen this. Post/courier to Thailand is tricky at the moment. Let's leave this for now. But many thanks! Cheers!
  11. I want to try one of these. Anyone got one they want to sell?
  12. 8 1/2 acrylic dome and 20mm port extension have sold. Thanks!
  13. Shots of my 8 1/2" dome. It's in pretty good condition. No major blemishes. Apologies for posting here but I couldn't work out how to post from a URL and didn't have the option of just dragging, like here!
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