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  1. No, it's for the Canon 7D, Nauticam, no viewfinder, only US$500.
  2. Make an offer for the housing only! Including ball mounts, lanyard and hand strap!
  3. I left Getty Images earlier this year after 24 years. I caught the tail end of the heyday of stock, and it transformed my life, allowing me to get a Distinguished Talent visa for Australia (where I met my wife) and live comfortably for a few years. But the last 10 years were all downhill in stock sales. I have just changed my website to sell my pictures there, in a simple way that I can manage myself. Each gallery under the "Buy" button links to a Pixieset gallery. These are simple to modify and edit. Unfortunately they are not searchable except by scrolling through. Nor can I add caption information. Take a look at www.peteatkinson.com and see what you think. While you are there, download a copy of Polynesia ~ An Ocean Realm for free.
  4. If you haven't already, buy a copy of Alex Mustard's book. Underwater Photography Masterclass. That can make a big difference to your pictures at minimal cost.
  5. Nauticam Canon 7D housing, 10-22 and 10-17 remaining. 7D housing only US$600.
  6. Finder sold. 7D housing, aluminium handle set, hand strap and lanyard now only US$600.
  7. Macro port 87 in good condition, about 35% of new price, with neoprene front cover. Plus EMS from Thailand.
  8. Good condition with shaved hood, US$300 plus EMS. Obviously it comes with the other bit of the gear with teeth. Genuine Nauticam gear.
  9. My bad: I didn't realise that the D500 had no pop-up flash!
  10. I switched from Nikon D800/Nauticam to Nikon Z50/Nauticam because I wanted a lighter rig for declining health. (I built my first housing 48 years ago...) But the weight saving was negligible; a gym membership might have made more sense. My mirrorless is more complicated (I need to remove the port and lens to change card or battery - except with the 16-50 kit lens) but I am enjoying it. I like the WWL-C because the optics are good, but seldom use it as the 8-16 Sigma is wider and great for over/under with the 8.5" acrylic dome. And the expensive 8-15 fisheye is good too and useful on an APS-C sensor, akin to the 10-17 Tokina. I don't understand the obsession with higher quality, frame rates etc when pictures have almost no value. I shot for Getty for 24 years, I caught the tail end of the heyday luckily, but unless you are consistently making huge prints (and Topaz Gigapixel is cheaper than a new housing) I wonder why there is this obsession with upgrading? To me, the sweet spot seems to be a Nikon D500/Tokina 10-17. I went from D200, D7000. D800 to Z50.
  11. You may find that a hotshoe flash trigger with it's own battery to fire LEDs into the optical cables may help. And with the Nikon Z50 at least, having the flash set to 1/32nd power does not mean you can shoot 32 images on a charge; it simply won't shoot at all unless it's fully charged. So you get just a few. The flash trigger solved this.
  12. For less than the price of a new 45 degree viewfinder... Both in good condition, lightly used. Includes aluminium handle set with hand strap and lanyard. (Flash arms and clamps are sold.) Plus EMS post.
  13. I'm selling (for a pal) a Canon 7D Nauticam housing with aluminium hand grips and a 45 degree viewfinder for only US$1500 plus post, if that might work for you?
  14. I don't think Pledge will be any better than Rain-X. A cut potato worked quite well with a 9" glass dome (thanks Alex Mustard) as a wetting agent, so requires the pre-shot dunk. Spit works well with acrylic.
  15. I use detergent and water to clean the inside of my domes using my fingers. Pour out the water carefully and mop up any residual beads with a tissue. Allow to dry.
  16. 100 macro, sold: 28mm, sold: Canon 7D, batteries, cards and camera bag, sold. Strobes, sold: port extension, sold.
  17. I have a pair of Z240 Type 4 for sale in good condition with balls and optical cables for US$655 plus shipping.
  18. Gear is now available almost individually... Thai baht USD GBP Nauticam Canon 7D housing 57000 $1500 1300 Aluminium hand grips 45deg viewfinder 8.5” acrylic Nauticam port and cover 14000 380 330 100 Macro port with cover 8000 218 188 Extension ring 40mm 8000 218 188 Canon 7D body 11500 300 260 3 batteries/charger CF memory cards Vanguard camera bag Shaved Tokina 10-17mm fish eye (Canon) 11000 290 250 Nauticam Zoom gear for 10-17 Canon EF 100mm macro 5000 136 120 Canon EFS 10-22mm 3000 82 72 Inon Z-240 strobes x 2 25000 655 570 Strobe mount balls & fibre optic cables Nauticam strobe arms/clamps/floats 3000 82 72 Pelican-style travel box 55 x 45 x 28cm 1650 45 40 Plus trackable post.
  19. Genuine Nauticam gear, half price. 80 GBP including trackable ePacket post. Custom Nauticam-fit gear (you don't need to remove the lens rubber to use it), 60 GBP including ePacket post.
  20. Frankly, I think you should stick with the D7200 and Tokina. If you must upgrade, a D500 would be a better camera and you could keep using the 10-17. That lens gives you useful flexibility on crop-sensor that the 8-15 does not, on full frame. You could use the 8-15 on an APS-C camera like yours but the increase in quality is marginal and not worth the money, in my view. I switched from a D800 to an APS-C mirrorless; its more complicated (I have to remove the port and lens to remove the camera usually). It's slightly less heavy and I was keen to try water contact optics, the WWL-C, which is less than $1000. It's great, and 130 degrees sounds wide, but my Sigma 8-16 is wider and gets more use. You can't use the Tokina 10-17 with mirrorless as the AF doesn't work, so I bought an 8-15 zoom fisheye which does the same job, largely, as the Tokina on a crop sensor. Really, save your money. If you want better quality, go somewhere with clearer water. Check out Greg Lacoeur's work with the Tokina and D500...
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