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  1. I am selling my lightly used NA-GH5 Nauticam Housing with Vacuum valve, port and zoom gear for Panasonic GH5. NA-GH5 Housing, comes with case and caps, vac valve and pump. Lightly used, very good condition, never flooded. Nauticam Macro Port 35 for Lumix GX Vario PZ 14-42mm Includes bayonet mount for we lens, cap and case. Nauticam Zoom Gear for Panasonic 14-42mm II Lens Asking $1500 for the set. Also have GH5 body, 14-42mm II Lens and flash trigger available. Thanks for looking.
  2. I use it for everything but I haven't tried screen magnifier. It is nice as I can see the screen and focus even when I can't get my mask close. Cheers
  3. Yes I used the rails for the Sony RX100 and just cut the bracket from a plastic electrical box. It mounts to the bottom of the housing and uses the 2 bolt holes for the tripod mount.
  4. I built this simple plastic L bracket to hold the Nauticam LCD magnifier on my housing. Works great and much easier to use while shooting video than the viewfinder magnifier they sell.
  5. Hi Blakerunner57, would you be able to share which # Lee gels you are getting the best results with your lights? Cheers
  6. Yea I just bought the clear ones and will be putting my own gels in them. They are not making them anymore, I get the feeling the feedback was not positive.
  7. Thanks for the info, I have ordered 2 of the F01 Filter holders from a dive shop in California who happen to have a few. Yes I talked to DivePro as well and got the same info. Maybe if we figure out what works they might be interested in making them again. Very interested in your results as well. If I had better access to gels I would do the same and try a bunch of them. In a month I will have a friend come visit and he will bring me some new ones to test. Will keep you posted. Cheers
  8. Hi Dreifish, Do the DivePro F01 filter holders come apart so you can change the gels? They look like they do from the photos. I will be receiving my G18+ lights in a week or so here in Fiji and will be testing some blue gels that I have used with BigBlue lights in the past and I will share the results here. I am thinking that the Lee 196 True Blue Lighting Gel might be a good start as it cuts a bit more of the green spectrum than the Cyan filter does. Cheers, CJ
  9. Made this myself from a plastic electrical box using Nauticam LCD viewer. Works great on my GH5 system and will be using it on my new A7SIII system. Attaches to the bottom holes for the tripod legs.
  10. I would like to buy a set of used Keldan Lights in the 8X range. If anyone has a good working set collecting dust I would be interested in taking them off your hands. Cheers, CJ
  11. Hi All,Anyone have some real world experience with the Light & Motion Bluewater Dome Port Cover for Sola Video 15,000 ? Is it affective when custom white balancing and filming in mixed lighting? Is there a sweet spot as far as depth range? Most other blue filters indicate what depth they are most effective.I am filming with a A7SIII system.Not a lot of info online that I could find.Cheers,CJ
  12. cngisl

    FS Nikon Lenses

    All sold. Cheers
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