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  1. Hi All my 2 DS51 strobes are up for sale - looking at a quick sale - so have priced the kit @ $500 aussie $$ - it includes the 2 strobes (service receipt inc) another years warranty -a dual ikelite sync cord the 2 diffusers and the ike grease for each - looking at a great pair of strobes that have never flooded and have been religiously looked after - cheers I have a paypal account and shipping is maxed at $25 AUD anywhere in the world
  2. amazing shots -I off to bali in few weeks -wow amazing you could get so close with the 60mm -there is hope for me yet !!
  3. Hi Jack thanks for that -some one else said the 17-35mm I can get away with a 6in dome port -how about this lens with my strobes ??
  4. cloudy WB -water is 14 degrees at moment -should bottom out at 12 next month then climb to max 22 in middle summer -thank you re shots too
  5. Hi all I have just come into some unexpected $$$$ - I have a D50 in Ikelite housing running a 60mm with 2 DS51 strobes - my diving is mainly shore based around temperate jetty/piers etc with a trip to Bali or exmouth once or twice a year - I have read heaps of reviews on the above lens - any wanted to see which way others would spend this money - should I go for a lens and dome ? if so which one ? or should I spend the approx $2K (Aussie) on new strobes (DS160s or DS125) - I like the idea of the 17-70 for my type of diving - as it will cover most if not all of the critters I am likely to encounter here in Perth/Exmouth BUT will the DS51s light that lens enough ? Help please
  6. Hi all here are a few from my dives around Perth Australia -hope you enjoy
  7. send me your email address mate I have 2x ds51's plus dual sync cord , arms , diffusers etc ready to post to you for a gr8 price
  8. dropped the price to $1000 Aussie dollars -which would work out to about $750 USD for 3 strobes !!!
  9. I have a Type 3 Z240 with all the bits -used on 10 dives max - $750 AUD and 2 x DS51's with dual sync cord , diffusers and ikelite arms -recently serviced in USA - $650 AUD-probably 100 dives in total on this system never flooded always looked after post dive or take all for $1200 AUD. or will swap for complete DS 125
  10. Hi all OK I have a D50 In Ikelike housing - I have 2 DS51's on a dual sync cord giving me ITTL -I also have a single Z240 strobe type 3 (again with electric sync) But it won't give me TTL - what would others do - stay using the small DS51's and sell the Z240 or other way around - really looking at upgrading to a DS160 when the AUD picks up a bit more -that may be a while -so whats the consensus -stay dual DS51's or single Z240 cheers
  11. here are a few shots I ended up with from the trip - it was a fantastic trip too - I know this isn't the forum for it but why didn't I get a black background with this shot ? I was shooting IMHO- (the exif data has been scraped) f11 + 1/180 with the 60mm shooting up in 1 mt (3 ft) of clear water no strobe
  12. DIRDavid

    WTB : DS125

    I am after a complete DS125 with charger and single sync cord -or if the price is right then a DS160 email me on baxterdavid@dodo.com.au cheers
  13. Hi all OK I'm off to Coral bay (near Exmouth) for a weeks diving -this time of year its whalesharks, mantas and dugongs plus the normal reef critters - I have only a 60mm lens for my D50 with the flat port - I am using a single Z240 too any suggestions on how to get decent shots of the bigger critters ( as above) if they do come across my screen -should I just try for close ups of the face , eyes etc or try to capture as much of the animal as possible ?? cheers Dave
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