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  1. Thanks, all. Ultimately the housing had to go back to Aquatica where it is currently being evaluated/repaired. Thanks, Heather
  2. Broken toy alert... I have a new D7200 housing - and I do have an email in Aquatica on what to do next, but I am hoping to find quick solutions... I developed an issue, not sure how, with one of the buttons sticking. This is one of the buttons on the back of the housing. On the first photo of the exterior it is the button on the left at 9 o'clock. The button would depress but not come back. It seemed it was binding on something. We took the arm off and attempted to clean it, lube it and when we pulled the post, it appeared bent. Not sure how that happened. While attempting to straighten it, we broke it. I wouldn't dare use the housing in the water because I am not sure the c clamp will hold since that's where it's broken. If it lets go, the housing will flood. See interior shot - the arm is removed so you can just see the post with the screw in it. While I am waiting to hear back, does anyone have any suggestions on any dealers that might have these parts - a new button/post, at minimum? Thanks, Heather
  3. After much fretting, I did decide on the D7200. Still waiting for the housing, but I too am hoping I didn't make the wrong decision! :-)
  4. Thanks - so you pulled back the strain relief rubber protector and taped on the wire up to the fitting (see pic)? I may do this as well on my new cord. This cord that failed is about 14 months old, and although it has seen a lot of use, it is an expensive cord to be tossing in the garbage. Maybe my expectations on how long stuff should last are too high.
  5. Thanks everyone for the information. I did speak with Ikelite today and they were very helpful. I had definitely done everything with the shorting tests to rule out the strobes. I cleaned all the connectors, including the hot shoe just for good measure. On the bench everything was working fine. Then I submerged the housing and strobes into water and the strobes wouldn't fire. I do have a spare cord, so I put that on and repeated the test submerged in water - strobes fired. It seems the issue is with the cord. Hopefully that's it. Thanks Heather
  6. Hello All- On the last 2 dives this weekend, my strobes would not fire. Everything was working fine up until now. Last use was in December, then a long hiatus thanks to an awful winter, and now back in the water shooting. I am not sure where the issue lies... I suspect the cord, but here's what I did to test and what happens: - 2 x Ikelite DS161 strobes with dual sync cord 4104.32 for Nikons non-TTL bulkhead - AD7000 camera/housing - Strobes power up fine, no low fuel indicator light - Strobes fire on the surface - Strobes can be shorted to trigger firing through the cord and directly to the strobe Underwater: - Strobes won't fire - When I change power setting (off/on), or switch to "on" or "on w/ lite" from the other setting, strobes will fire once - Turning off/on sometimes triggers strobe to fire I visually inspected the connections, no signs of water. Of note, the water was cold, 35-38F I plan to get some feedback from Ikelite, but while I am waiting to get in touch, does anyone have any thoughts on what might be the issue? I'm not diving again for a week and I'd like to fix it before getting in the water again. Thanks! Heather
  7. Thanks - point taken. I have to admit, I do prefer rectilinear lenses, but I see why the fisheyes might be better for corner sharpness. I have even seen some soft corners on my 8" dome D7000 with the 10-24 at 10 mm. Thanks again!!
  8. Thanks, everyone. These are some of the considerations I am trying to tease out, so the dome discussion has been helpful. I made an assumption (desperate hope?) that my 8" dome might be OK with a very wide angle FX lens on the full frame camera, but I would agree this is not the case. The larger dome definitely adds a lot of size and weight to the rig. I'm still leaning towards the D7200 upgrade. It seems some people have the body, but it's not available yet around here. I really want some confirmation from Aquatica that the D7200 fits before purchasing the D7100 housing. I have seen some posts saying it does fit, but it's a lot of money and I want to be sure. Cheers, Heather
  9. Thanks everyone! This is helpful - but making me really indecisive! I had to crunch the numbers to see for myself. This is for an Aquatica housing... The full frame option is definitely a significant upfront investment going from DX since there's less that can be carried over. The D810 is a larger, heavier rig (for wide angle). Although I do have a lanyard to carry my housing and be hands-free, it's still a lot of camera. The D610 looks like a nice middle of the road FX option for size, weight and price. FULL FRAME COMPONENTS FX Lens and accessories for D610, D800 (anticipate D810 will be same) Nikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR DX Zoom gear 48728 Port extension 18458 +2.5" and approximately 1 lb DX COMPONENTS Nikon AF-S 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G IF-ED DX Zoom gear 48696 Port extension 18462 +1.6" and approximately 0.5 lb
  10. Hi All- I am new here, although I've had a account for awhile. I'm currently shooting with an Aquatica D7000, so I've been reading this thread with great interest since I am currently debating the D7200 vs the D610 or D810. I am mainly shooting wide angle on wrecks in New England. I do travel as well and between bringing my rebreather and the camera, I barely have any room left in my luggage for clothing. So, the comments about the weight/size of a full frame set-up really is giving me something to think about with travel, and even when diving wrecks where I'm going in on a shot line or dealing with a lot of current. Going to full frame from the D7000 seems like a huge step. Although I have a Tokina 10-17 and a Nikkor 16 mm fisheye, I prefer rectilinear lenses and use a 10-24 Nikon now. It seems like I really would need to invest in new lenses, most likely the 16-35 mm, which would lead to a new dome port and extension ring, increasing size and weight. The cost investment is big and it seems like continuing on the DX path makes more sense. At the same time, I am drawn to the full frame option like a moth to a flame... Looking at the D7200 on paper compared to the D7000, the sensor sizes seem very similar. I see the other differences with ISO, effective pixels, autofocus, etc. From what I have read here though, the D7100 was a big improvement over the D7000, and going to the D7200 from my current set-up would indeed be an upgrade. Does anyone have any additional advice or thoughts for me to consider? Based on the comments and choices others have made, it seems like the D7200 might be the right choice. Thanks, Heather
  11. Hello from New England- I'm currently shooting with an Aquatica D7000, primarily on shipwrecks in New England, although I do travel as well. I'm looking at various options for upgrading and hoping to get a lot of useful information here. Thanks, Heather
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