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  1. I started with a Sony F707 5.2MP for all the adjustability, but after diving with the Ikelight housing for 2 years (now nicknamed "my breadbox") I decided to move down in size, up in resolution, and increase my portability. I picked up a Sony P-200 for the travel portability, still used Memory sticks, and Ikelight made a smaller housing for it. I hope soon to go on my first dive with the P-200 rig attached to a DS-50 and wireless strobe relay. What manual settings should I start with F/WB/shutter, etc? Say on a warm water 50ft dive? I know things need to be adjusted depending on your subject...but I always got washed out colors/incorrect TTL exposure or hotspots with my F707 rig.
  2. anyone? I am going to be buying my P200 Ikelight housing this week, and the strobe relay needed, and the single arm tray. If someone just needs the housing, I would entertain almost any price...$200 for the housing? It has the double arm tray, but I will be keeping the Strobe. Edit 2/9/06--sold to tampico-ed TY, nice transaction!
  3. Sony F707, great shape 5.2MP Original Battery, plus one spare Can't find the AC power cord, but External Battery Charger included Orginal 32Mg stick, plus a 128Mg Sony stick Several thread on filters, UV, Circular Polarizer, 6point star (IIRC). Ikelite houseing for F707 Built in Strobe relay All you need in an external Ikelite strobe with Relay Cable. Camera's flash sets off TTL relay in the housing. I recently purchased a Sony P200 for increase in resolution and portability. Original on the Cam was about $1000 (clearly not anymore) Original on the Housing was about $1000 (due to included Strobe TTL Relay) Make an offer, or possible trade compatible with Sony P200. PS, I know I don't have many (or any) posts here, but I only dive 2-3 times a year.
  4. Yeah, I have been reading some more posts here, and problems people have had with TTL, and such. Likely I need to move to a Manual setting mode, and try the 100/60/30 shutter speeds with an F-stop around 5-6 like most find success with. Should I try to stay at 0EV, or would -.3 or -.7 be okay to?
  5. new to the forum, my first post, so here goes- I have the listed equip, and shoot in highest resolution, fine JPEG mode, reshoot for TIFF is slow and not enough shots with the Sony. Using the built in TTL relay in the F707 housing, any downward-looking shots are horribly overexposed in the greens, and only about 50% of the other shots are properly exposed using TTL. Another photographer on the trip suggested 1/100th and F5.6 setting, but I really didn't see much improvement in consistent exposure. Are there any veterans with the F707 that can share their experience with this setup? I am considering another housing or new camera due to new models and bulkiness of this one... I bought the 707 very earlier after release, and I love it overall. I'm looking closely at the new 828, but waiting to see if they address the CA and Noise problems. Opinions wanted.
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