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    Ikelite #6147.09
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    2x Ikelite DS-125
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  1. Hi i'm keen on the G9 only, can you post to SG?
  2. Hi Phil/Allison, Thank you for the short introduction to SD diving! Really grateful for the advice given as it surely gave me a lot more to consider. I have no prior experience in cold waters and i certainly didn't anticipate that! I've only clocked about 50 dives so far and therefore am not an experienced diver =) Having said that, if i can find a good and reliable setup who can show me these places, i'm willing to give it a go! I'm hoping to do a day trip, maybe 2-4 dives if possible. Something not too challenging, as i do not want to pose problems for the operator. Will be sending you a PM allison!
  3. Hi, As the title states, I would love to be able to get a few dives in and around San Diego area. I'm there on business from the 2nd Oct onwards and it's my first time there, sooooo I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I was hoping some kind soul can point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi! My buddies and I are looking for a good place, maybe either Bali, Phuket, Sipadan or similar, to dive the end of January. Does anyone have a few open slots where we can tag along your group or any good recommendations for dive operators? regards, james
  5. Hi Steve, You can try hangout at Mt emily. http://www.hangouthotels.com/ the rates are reasonable, they're somewhere near town and lots of places to find food nearby. the downside is you probably need to take a cab to get there as it is quite difficult to find if it's your first time there. regards, james
  6. Hi all, I've gotten the sync cable, anyone else looking to sell any of the above? thanks! cheers, james
  7. Hi! there're a few items that I'm urgently looking for, 1. Inon UCL-165M67 close up lens 2. IKELITE Dual Sync Cable #4103.52 3. StiX Large Float for ULCS Arms 4. ULCS AC-CS Clamps or ULCS AC-CSF Clamps x 4 I only do paypal, and shipment will be either to NYC or straight to Singapore. Do pm me if you wish to sell! thks! cheers, james
  8. hello! I'm new to uw photography and am currently assembling a g9 ikelite setup with ds-125s. so far i've had many helpful ppl (thnx to CADiver and juanma)here who were willing to offer advice and sell me some of their gear too i'm just came back from manado indonesia(beautiful place!) and was inspired to learn how to take great pictures of the beautiful marine life. looking forward to putting up my photos on this forum for critique in the future! btw anybody from singapore or based in singapore over here? cheers, james
  9. item obtained! thanks to CADiver!
  10. nice! i like the 2nd photo. they look like they ate too much =)
  11. Want To Buy (WTB) Equipment Brand: Ikelite Equipment Model: DS-125 Budget ($): 400 Description: beginner uw photographer looking for strobe set! Dun mind if it is old, used or scratched, as long as it is working. Hope someone here can help. #4065 DS-125 SubStrobe #0042.34 Targeting Light Bulb #4103.51 Sync Cord #4085.51 Deluxe Ball Socket Arm System #4066.5 NiMH Battery Module #4066.1 110/220v Smart charger
  12. Looking for a Ikelite G9 #6147.09 setup. Would be keen to look at complete packages too ie strobe, wide angle lens etc etc. If you've one underutilized or upgrading, please pm me! =) update: I already have the G9 willing to buy items separately too.
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