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  1. Hi I have Aquatica housing for Nikon D700, large dome for 17-35 with zoom ring and extension ring, flat port for 60mm with extension ring will fit a 105mm macro, Nikon D700 body, Nikon 17-35 f2.8, Nikon 70-200 VR f2.8, SB800 speedlight flash, Subal SB800 housing with NikV lead, Nikon 105mm f2.8 macro lense, 30+ gig of cards and 2 batteries and 240v/12v charger. £7000, 8400 Euros, $10,500. It's a hell of a system. Thanks Tez
  2. tezrez

    For Sale

    Hi, $4500 for Aquatica housing 2 ports extension ring and Subal SB800 housing. Thanks Tez terry_goldie@hotmail.com
  3. Hi I have a D700 with lenses and Aquatica housing rated to 90m, also with SB 800 ttl strobe and Subal housing . UK Thanks Terry Please contact terry_goldie@hotmail.com mob 07884061406
  4. Hi got D700, 17-35mm 2.8, 70-200 vr 2.8 , for £4000 (4800 euros) with cards and spare battery. Thanks Tez
  5. tezrez

    wanted: D700+Subal

    Hi got a Aquatica though with flat port and large dome with extension ring.There rated to 90m. See D700 ad on previous page which includes camera lenses and ttl strobe and Subal housing etc etc. Thanks Tez
  6. Hi, just back from Lembeh had 5 days at KBR Fantastic! and 6 days at Tasik Ria VGood, used a 105 nikon vr lense its the same 1:1 as a 60mm but your just further away with the 105 and dont disturb critters, get 2 strobes, hire big cylinders stay shallow for time in the shallows, as we saw lots in 5-10 metres. See Facebook photos. Some pygmy seahorses are minute, so put on close up diopter lense, as I had to crop a lot. Thanks Terry Goldie ps have great time Thinking of booking KBR for 10 days next time so we can dive 40 times in 10 days and taking my rebreather what ever the cost.
  7. tezrez

    For Sale

    Hi, I have for sale a Nikon D700 body with a Nikon 17-35mm f2.8 wide angle lense, a Nikon 70-200 VR 2.8 zoom lense with a Aquatica ND700 housing with leak detector and twin strobe sockets. The large dome for the 17-35 with extension ring and a flat port for the 60mm with the extension will fit the 105 macro lenses. Also a Nikon SB800 TTL Flash with a Subal Housing and lead. also battery charger and 2 batteries for camera and 37 gig of cards, 1 16 gig,4 4gig, 1 2 gig and 1 1gig The lot For sale for £7000 or 8400 Euros collect if poss Thanks Terry terry_goldie@hotmail.com UK 0115 8491514 UK Mobile 0788 4061406
  8. Hi, I am just not getting the use out of it and only take it in in calm conditions which is hardly ever in the UK. Price for D700 Camera £1400, Aquatica Housing with all ports and bits (with twin strobe sockets and leak Detector) £2500, Nikon 17-35mm 2.8 £900, Subal housing with Nikon SB800 flash (ttl) £650,Nikon VR 70-200 2.8 £1300 The Lot £6500 If you know anyone thats interested please pass on my Mobile no. Thanks Tez UK Mob. 0788 4061406
  9. Hi, have you bought D700 yet as I have one for sale with Aquatica housing 17-35 nikon 2.8 lense and Subal ttl housing and flash SB800, also with dome extension ring and flat port, what a bout a swop plus cash. Thanks Tez Mobile UK 07884061406
  10. Hi, this is a bargain. I have that I am selling for someone that has moved abroad. It's a Nikon N90 Body, A SEA&SEA housing with small Dome and a 105 flat port with manual focus control.The ports are £500 new on Cameras Underwater. I want only £300 for the lot for a quick sale. Thanks Tez UK sale only terry_goldie@hotmail.com 07884061406
  11. tezrez

    SB800 Wanted

    Hi, anyone out there have a SB800 for sale as I want to put it in and buy a Subal housing for my D700 Thanks Tez Mobile UK 0788 4061406
  12. I have a Sea & Sea f90 housing with 105 flat port with focus control and small dome for 20mm and Nikon F90 body £300 for quick sale Thanks Tez Mob 07884061406 Must pick up in Notts area UK Other dive kit for sale see YD
  13. Hi I am after a Z240 Inon strobe or a SB 800 Strobe with a Subal housing with Nik 5 plug , based in UK Thanks Tez terry_goldie@hotmail.com
  14. Hi, I have a complete housing camera and ports for sale. 1 ND 70 Subal housing with gs 180 viewfinder 2 nikon D70 camera body 3 Nikon 12-24 zoom lense 4 Nikon 60mm macro lense 5 glass dome for 12-24 with zoom gear and extension ring 6 Flat port for 60mm Quick sale £3000 uk only Email terry_goldie@hotmail.com Uk Mobile 07884061406
  15. Hi, I have a Subal ND70 housing (beautifully engineered and never missed a beat) for Nikon D70 SLR also for sale with GS180 viewfinder,also a subal glass dome with extension tube,a Flat port for 60mm macro,A Nikon 12-24 dx wide angle lense and gears and a 60mm micro-nikkor lense that goes down to 1:1 . The viewfinder and dome was a £1000 each! Job Lot Sale price is £3500 For Sale for offers over £3500 for the lot quick sale no offers Also a Ikelite d50 strobe with av controller and spare strobe lead. £250 ono And a Panasonic LX3 compact with 40 metre housing with arm and plate £300 as new with 2 4gig cards Notts area to view Call UK 0788 4061406 Email terry_goldie@hotmail.com Thanks Tez
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