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  1. It seems to be the consensus that it's some sort of sea squirt/tunicate. Kind of pretty, though. I thought it was some type of nudi when I first took the picture.
  2. You're probably right. At least that steers me in the right direction, so I can do some more research. Thanks.
  3. This was found on a blade of sea grass south of Dumaguete. Anybody know what it is?
  4. For now, I'd like to keep it together with the housing.
  5. Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera body, Nauticam NA-EM1 housing with 45° viewfinder. All in good condition, approx 350 dives. Used last month in Belize. Extra flash unit, two extra batteries. Camera has 11,430 shutter actuations. $1,000 for everything. (I bought an E-M1 mk 2)
  6. Ordered book from Amazon (US) on July 18. Book was delivered today, August 3 (standard shipping).
  7. I ordered Alex's book from Amazon on Monday the 18th, with a scheduled delivery of August 15-30. Today, I received notification that it would ship August 1-4. I hope it comes true.
  8. Yes, I think so. Where would I be sending it to?
  9. $160. Free shipping in US. PayPal accepted. It's in near-new condition. No scratches. Bought a Nauticam CMC, so I'm using that instead of the SubSee.
  10. Part #: 17851. A few minor scratches on it, but not noticeable underwater. Price: $120.
  11. Asking $1700 for the following package: Nauticam EM5 housing with flexitray, left & right handles and ball mounts. Olympus OM-D E-M5 black body. Camera battery with charger. I will throw in a protective case for the camera body and a hand strap for the housing. No ports or lenses are included. They are going on my new E-M1! Camera purchased in November 2012 and housing in December 2012. Approximately 120 dives on system. All in perfect working order. Price above includes free shipping within the US. I would prefer to sell the above items as a package. If they don't sell in a few weeks, I'm open to selling them separately. Also for sale is the NA-EM5 LCD window for Nauticam enhanced viewfinders. A few minor scratches on it, but not noticeable underwater. Price: $120. One more item: Two 8" Nauticam arms with Stix floats. Price $60.
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