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  1. Reef ID Books are delighted to announce the launching of a new photo guide Living Seashells of the Tropical Indo-Pacific! To celebrate we offer book with 20% discount on eBooks https://gumroad.com/l/living-shells/wetpixel-forum If you are interacting with the ocean - diver, snorkeler, beach goers - you definitely find in the seas not empty shells, but live mollusks. These are living shells, whose appearance is significantly different from museum specimens. This book serves as a tool for identifying such animals. The book covers the region from the Red Sea to Hawaii, Marshall Islands and Guam. Inside the book: Photographs of 1500+ species, including one hundred cowries (Cypraeidae) and more than one hundred twenty allied cowries (Ovulidae) of the region; Live photo of hundreds of species have never before appeared in field guides or popular books; Convenient pictorial guide at the beginning and index at the end of the book.
  2. 40% off on books about marine life - Nudibranchs, Fishes, Crustaceans, or Starfishes. https://gumroad.com/reefidbooksDuring checkout use code WETPIXEL and a discount will be applied automatically. Spend less than 10 dollars and receive a multi-platform PDF book. - You can use it on any device. - You pay only once - free annual upgrade! - The only eBooks on the market with up-to-date 2020 taxonomy - Instant delivery at no cost, no need to install additional soft - Link to Amazon paperback for old school readers and Apple Book for iPhone/iPAD owners (sorry, here are no discounts). Black Friday ends on Monday, November, 30 at 11.59 p.m. See less
  3. Amphiprion bicinctus is the only Amphiprion in the Red Sea according to "The Fishes of the Red Sea—Reappraisal and Updated Checklist", DANIEL GOLANI & SERGEY V. BOGORODSKY.
  4. Cool! I personally liked Halimeda Seahorse at 3.42, uncommon one!
  5. Hi all, I am Andrey. 2500+dives, 99,9% with camera, currently Nikon D300, Sealux housing
  6. "Coral reef crustaceans from Red Sea to Papua" - multi-touch book for Mac and iPAD users, available in Apple iBooks Store. 490 species, 160 1st time in books
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