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  1. Silver GATES EX-1 underwater housing and SONY EX-1 camera. Included: Sony EX-1 camera SWP 44C Super Wide port Nano Flash (never used; 32gb card and GATES bracket.) Seal Check. GATES tripod EM-43 16 X 9 HD monitor Flat port Schneider threaded macro +1.6 diopter Spare O rings Pelican case for camera Pelican case for SWP 44C and all other parts. $7,000.00 OBO
  2. Hi, I'll be in Singapore for 2 nights before heading to Manado. Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced hotel? Thanks, Steve
  3. Hi, Going to Eastern Fields in Jan. Anyone know if diving a rebreather would be an advantage when shooting video? Most of the pics I've seen have been wide angle reef shots. Are there pelagics and other skittish creatures there? Thanks, Steve
  4. Is there a best month to dive Lembeh? I've been there in Feb and May and both trips were good. Am doing a video project there and the producer wants me to choose a 30 day period where we'll have the best chance of getting the most sought after critters & the best conditions. Any thoughts? Thanks, Steve
  5. I'd recommend the Undersea Hunter Group. Was there in July... you're going to like it a lot! http://www.underseahunter.com/uh.htm
  6. Hi, I'm interested in filming wrecks in 200' or less that have spectacular & colorful marine life growing on them or around them. Also wrecks that attract big animals, large schools of fish & the like... Warm or cold water. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve
  7. Thanks Karen, That's some really good visibility... and what a beautiful website you have! What was the dive op out of Punta Sam? I might just run down there right away. Best, Steve
  8. Any opinions on the best place to film whalesharks? I'd love to find some in relatively clear water. Thanks, Steve
  9. Does anyone know where humpbacks give birth?
  10. Hi, Looking for a reasonable dive operation in Yap. Saw one online that started at over $500/night. Want to go there primarily to shoot mandarins. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve
  11. I was at Cocos this past July and there wasn't much action at all. Very dissapointed. A friend did a trip in August and there were hundreds of hammerheads... I saw the pics. Tha captain of the Sea Hunter recommended April for both Cocos and Malpelo.
  12. Thanks for all of your help. I think I'll try to get to Yap for the little cuties. Steve
  13. Great vid... What dive operation do you use there? I'd love to go. Best, Steve
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