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    Nikon D-300
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    Sea & Sea
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    Sea & Sea YS-250s and YS-90dx
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    Hardinberger and Fisheye
  1. you still have the housing? Between Tightlines and myself it looks like you have found buyers?
  2. would be interested in the housing already have the camera does the housing have Nikon sync ports?
  3. I am looking for a good used G12 housing would prefer a Fisheye or Recsea brand. didls@msn.com
  4. I have a Hardigg 2720 with wheels a sectional tray was enough room for my Sea and Sea housing with strobes and ports. I'll send you pics if interested
  5. Sold almost everything Have left Nikon 12-24 Gear Sea&Sea 10-17 Gear Sea&Sea Sync Cords Sea&Sea Long Sync Cord Sea&Sea 2 Ultralight ball mounts for Sea&Sea housing
  6. Im back from a great Raja trip and its time to hang up the UWP hobby for awhile. So up for sale is my complete rig. Would like to sell it whole will sell some parts seperate. Will send pictures on request. I'll downsize to a G12 with the proceeds Sea&Sea parts MDX300 Housing 1500US Large dome port 300US NX flat port 200US Extension 150US GN controller II 350US 2 250 strobes 1200US// 700 each 2 90 duo strobes 600US // 350 each 3 sync cords 210US //80 each 1 long sync red end 100US Zoom gear for 12-24 120US Zoom gear for Tokina 10-17 120US Zoom gear for 105 NonVR 120US Focus gear for 105 120US Focus gear for 60mm 120US Ultralight arms 4 12 inch arms 240US 4 5 inch arms 240US 7 clamps 250US// 2Camera ball ends 70US 2strobe ball ends 70US And Macromate fits Sea&Sea flipup 300US Hardigg case with partions 100 US Various other pieces \ Will sell complete for 5600 US or make offer on partial Also selling excellent lenses if interested. 105mm 2.8 nonVR lens 12-24mm lens 60mm lens Tokina 10-17 fisheye
  7. I have a Sea&Sea housing for the D300 and a complete setup to sell. It's in great condition Have ports GN strobes arms rings and a 45degree viewfinder. Im about to list it all pending a possible sell to a dive buddy. My usage has been dropping off over the last year. (kids)
  8. Which model number is your controller?
  9. After two missed post I have a pair of Sea & Sea YS-90 duos. I have used them for two years, they are in good shape. I recently purchased some YS-250s so these are going up shortly for sale. If interested I'll send you some pics. I would also include some good Powerex batteries and an excellent charger MaHa. And if you can use them some sync cords Sea & Sea type both ends.
  10. Would you consider trading for a lens or strobes or maybe gears or etc...? I have a few items which I am going to list here shortly to help fund a pair of YS-250s. Doug
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