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  1. I have a lightly used 21130 extension ring with lock. Will that fit your needs?
  2. Consider adding Big Blue to your list. I just purchased 2 CB9000's at $649 each. Variable output, CRI of 85, 9000 lumens. great construction and you get the 1" ball plus a soft goodman handle plus battery and charger. Good value. And they have a number of options.
  3. You will really enjoy the Mark IV. The files have so much more dynamic range and require very little in lightroom, other than white balance. The focus system is spot on. Video is a game changer too - pro quality and the tracking in outstanding. All in all, a very worthy upgrade.
  4. Hi! I have the Nauticam 5D Mark III SR housing (not the original 5D III housing with the small silver joybutton), just to be clear on the housing version. I don't know if the kit works with the original version. The 5D IV does not work at all in the SR housing without the kit. The alignment is off slightly for most of the buttons/levers. The major fix for this included in the kit is the new base plate for the Mark IV (the locking pin is in a different location). There are also several wheels that are replaced and the entire thing is re-adjusted to the Mark IV body. The tolerances are pretty exacting The cost includes installation of the new kit but does not include shipping and insurance (which was about $90 for me via UPS). I don't know if they (Reef photo) will/can sell you the kit by itself, though I guess you could ask. Great customer service there. Hope that helps!
  5. I just had the Nauticam version installed by Reef Photo. Cost $600. Looks like the same types of replacement pieces. Works like a charm. Also - with use of the original base plate, my 5D Mark III still works in the housing. YMMV on this, as I have been told some of the Mark III controls may not work after the adjustments.
  6. For years, my Akona <7 bag (yea - that's the name) was my go-to carry-on camera bag, easily fitting all my gear (Nauticam FF housing, strobes, dome). My other carry-one is a Cinebag for the camera and lenses. I custom cut 1/2 inch thick flexible foam (flat mattress pad) to protect the sides and top of the Akona (though a wetsuit works in a pince. Even had TSA agents admire the construct of the bag. I have since gone to a Thinktank Airport Security bag (outstanding quality, design and allows me to put all the gear in one bag ) but the <7 will work for you and do double duty as a regular bag as well for non-dive trips. The Akona site states their new bag design increases the capacity by 11% over mine. Cheers and good luck!
  7. Yes it can! I use the Inon red filter on my strobes to bring out truer blues. It works. Here is a link to an Inon document that gives an explanation: http://www.inon.jp/pdf-dl/_userdata/ColorTemFilter_technic-en.pdf
  8. Absolutely! Will work wonders for your piece of mind. I too have it on my Nauticam housings. Not a bad price at $185. A wine pump works for the Nauticam design .
  9. Excellent course! Chris Parsons does a great job and Pura Vida Dive Center gave us great support (facilities and dive guides). Well worth it. Not to mention the astounding variety of macro subjects at Blue Heron Bridge.
  10. A little Nauticam info from the UnderwaterPhotoGuide website regarding the 5D Mark iv in the camera review section: "Nauticam will have a 5D MkIV housing available in October, as well as upgrade kits for 5DIII and 5DS housings to make them compatible with the 5D Mk IV." A google search led to this site http://scubapix.com/underwater-housings/17325-na-5div-housing-for-canon-5d-mark-iv/which references a future housing specific to the 5D Mark IV for $3800 USD and shows a conversion kit for the existing Naticam housings for $600 USD. Nice to know it may be possible for an earlier housing to be converted if one decides to upgrade bodies now or in the future! You may lose out on a control or two, such as the new focus point selection button, but it certainly isn't a deal breaker! Hope this pans out!
  11. That would be "refreshing"! I have the 5D Mark III s/r housing and it is outstanding. I would guess it will be a retrofit done by a dealer, as opposed to just a new tray and a couple of parts to replace, but i may be wrong. The tolerances in housings like the Nauticam are pretty tight, which is why they fit so well. For now, The 5d Mark III is plenty of camera for me, but it would be nice to know I could upgrade in the future. My poor Nauticam 7D housing just couldn't accommodate the 7D Mark II so it rarely gets out.
  12. Mine is gonna be deliver by Amazon tomorrow - Yikes - it's after midnight - I mean today!
  13. Just got an Amazon email noting a "shipping delay." The new eta is August 3. By the time we get it, Alex may have written volume II
  14. Just got a notice from Amazon that my delivery date is July 28th (2 day Prime), Alex. Can't wait!
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