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  1. Diverdon, Why don't you tell your fellow members on wetpixel the truth of the matter? Why don't you tell them how the image came into our possession? Why don't you confirm to them that the image we published is not the image from your website? Why don't you tell them that we have provided you with the original image to prove there was never copyright or watermark on it? Why are you so desperate for publicity that you don't have to pay for? Why don't you tell them of your commitment of yesterday to remove this thread and or to print a retraction? We have removed the image in question from our website because we have no wish to fuel your ego further. In five years of publishing we have met scores of photographers, most of whom are now friends, we have never been accused of such a act as you have described. Shame on you diver Donald Horschel, shame on you.
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