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  1. Dear Lasse, if UW macro photography is the main reason for the trip, I would definitely stay only in Lembeh; reef around Bunaken are too crowded, and much diving around Bunaken & Manado doesn't match Lembeh IMHO. We dove a number of times in Lembeh and we always stayed at KBR. Our last trip was in 2009 and KBR did change their management since then, so I cannot comment on the actual management. Lembeh Resort is a very good operation and the Dive Managers, Herg and Kery, do a great job. NAD gets a lot of praise around here, and I would consider it for sure. Eco Divers now runs a small resort based in Bitung and offer a very good price/quality ratio. You could also consider Black Sands if the group is not too big (they have only six bungalows to the best of my knowledge). All the Best ..... Francesco
  2. Love the blue shades in "Underwater Art" !!! Which camera/lens/strobe set did you use ??? All the Best !!! Francesco
  3. Serge, when you talk about east lembeh, where are located the dive sites and which are the names ??? I have been to Lembeh many times in the last, last trip in 2009 but I have never heard about "east lembeh" diving !!! Thank you in advance, Francesco
  4. Sorry to ear about your LR 3.5 problems on windows 7 .... This is tha main reason why I switched to a Macbook Pro two years ago !!! I have installed the 3.5 update with no problems at all and I do have pretty big catalogues. Hope you will restore your catalogues ASAP !!! All the Best .... Francesco
  5. Hi All !!! I have just added to my kit a Canon EF 100mm F2.8 USM macro lens and I wonder if my cheap Fantasea nano mini focus light (which is more than enough for the Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 USM lens) will be enough or I would be better off with brighter focus light such as the Sola 500 or the FIX LED 500DX. Thank you very much in advance for your help and tips !!! All the Best ..... Francesco
  6. Synchiropus sp. ???
  7. Thomas, since you live in Switzerland I would recommend an Hugyfot housing plus Hugyfot flat port for the 60mm macro and dome port+focus gear for the Tokina 10-17; I would also recommend you sell your DS-160 strobe a buy a couple of Inon Z-240 strobes to be operated by fiber-optics; another good addition to your kit would be the Hugyfot 45° viewfinder if you like to shoot macro and a Kenko 1.4x teleconverter to add CFWA capabilities to the Tokina 10-17. Happy shopping !!! Francesco
  8. Perry, many macro & CFWA shots in your Anilao 2010 Flickr gallery are truly amazing !!! Which setup did you use for CFWA ??? Tokina 10-17 + 1.4x teleconverter + small dome ??? Which camera are you using ??? All the Best .... Francesco
  9. Great photo strip Perry !!! It's a pity we did not have the chance to meet in Club Ocellaris !!! I was there from March 26th to April 10th ..... Club Ocellaris is indeed the place to be if you love macro U/W photography and I must say that Boy Venus (the owner), Peri Paleracio, Alexis Principe and Ditto De La Rosa (the Divemasters) and all Club Ocellaris staff put their best efforts to let us enjoy the perfect vacation !!! You can check my macro galleries on Anilao 2011 Photo Gallery .... I confirm that the hottest dive sites are Bethlehem and Mato for nudibranchs, Murales for reef scenery, Anilao Pier for night diving and Mainit Much (a.k.a Secret Bay) for muck diving. All the Best ..... Francesco
  10. Great job Jo !!! I enjoyed it so much and I miss Lembeh and North Sulawesi so much ...
  11. I am considering upgrading to the Canon EOS 7D and therefore I am selling: Hugyfot housing for Canon EOS 450D/500D - the kit includes left handle, moisture alarm, spare main o-ring, right neoprene hand cover Hugyfot housing do not need a tray to support strobes; a right handle can be mounted if needed; Hugyfot supplies adepter rings for many other brands ports, such as Aquatica, Inon, Sea&Sea, Seacam, Sealux, Subal & UK Germany The housing is in perfect conditions, never had a slight problem and was bought is spring 2009 and had been used for less than 160 dives/200 hrs approx. and will be freshly services from the Hugyfot authorized Italian service center before shipment. If needed, I could also sell the Canon EOD 450D body, which is perfect conditions, never had a slight problem and was bought in winter 2008. I accept PayPal or T/T bank transfer for payment. Prices are as follows: Hugyfot housing for Canon 450D/500D: € 1,350 (€ 2,049 new) Canon EOS 450D body: € 300 (€ 450 new) E-mail me at francesco.demarchi@fastwebnet.it if interested or should you need addition information about this offer.
  12. Tokina 10-17 for sure .... No need for the 1.4x .... Happy shooting !!!
  13. Looks like Antennarius commersonii
  14. Dave, I would estimate myself being in 7/8 mt. and the school being between 2/5 mt. from the surface ....
  15. These are my first shots with the Tokina AT-X 107 + Canon EOS 450D + Hugyfot housing & dome + plus Inon Z-240 & D-2000 strobes (if used) .... I am truly amazed by the versatility of this lens and I would like to thanks all those fellow photographers who recommended it !!! All comments and critiques are very welcome as they will help me improve my new-born wide angle passion !!! Flickr Gallery with captions: http://www.flickr.com/photos/friscodive/se...57624449921236/ Facebook Gallery with captions: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/al...100000007234102 (this gallery contains also macro shots). Small teaser: All the Best .... Francesco
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