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  1. When my Ixus 800IS falls apart, this will be the replacement. Nice zoomrange and HD video!
  2. I ise a discrete hardcase which you can close with locks. No stickers or branding for camera or diving equipemt ofcouse.
  3. I use the 2 custom settings on the command dial for "scene" and "macro" setting. On my G9 I used Macro on C1 1/60th f8.0 AWB Flash on Scene on C2 ISO200 f2.8 1/60th Custom White balance 1 Flash off I have yet to get my 50D in saltwater but the same settings can be interpolated to the SLR.
  4. I think they were just mimicing the way long arm octo mates
  5. Congratulations! Did you supply the picture, or the complete article?
  6. There is no cheatsheet Just try some settings that work most of the time, and adjust a bit + - when the result is not right. When I was shooting with my G9 I set my macro base-setting on C1: f8.0 1/60th Flash at half power while shooting I would adjust shutter or flash a bit + or - depending the situation.
  7. I have a YS27DX for about 2 years now.. flooded the battery compartiment only once when I didn't close it properly. Removed the batteries, cleaned the compartiment with air, inserted new batteries and made my next dive. Since I bought more wide angle lenses, my next upgrade will be a 110a!
  8. Spotlight photography makes the subject really stand out. What ligt did you use? Love the wonderpus... amazing animals
  9. Just a video at highest resolutie straight from the camera will do
  10. The lens got delivered... 180degree FOV Focusspeed and distance is amazing too, just 1cm from the frontelement. Really amazing piece of kit
  11. Are they hotlinking in their website??? That must be a very cheap webmaster then, he deserves a lesson!
  12. Hi Polyclad, [1] Zooming is one thing you don't want to do under water, it breaks the first rule of underwaterphotography: Get closer! (to reduce the water between you and the subject) For topside it may be a nice walkaround lens, but not very usable under water. [2] are you from germany? Check out uw-fotopartner, those guys know what they are talking about and have about all brands in stock. Go and check the housings out and descide what works best for you. [3] I just made the choise for Wideangle too... and went for the 10-17mm, still usable under water but it has a much closer minimum-focus distance, and a much wider angle of view.. so you can get much closer (=less water) and still get the whole subject! [4]60mm is mostly used in murky waters, 105mm in tropical.
  13. I bought mine this way too... I was looking for a drsuit with drygloves and my local dive shop offered me a DUI demo suit, 1 year old and used on DOG demo days. TLS 350 Explorer (extra padding/side pockets Softsocks with rockboots in my size Zipseals on both arms and neck Zipseal latex seals Zipseal drygloves Frontzipper old style All accesories included for 50% discount on a standard TLS350 explorer and with 3 years warranty Some buddy's in my divingclub still declared me insane (still 2x the price of a beaver drysuit for example), but I regularly get people asking about the gloves and checking out the zipper. But I know that I will still be diving in the same suit for years to come, instead for having to send the suit away for frequent repairs. (I can replace my own seals in 10min!)
  14. The price is very very tempting inderdeed... just odered the 10-17mm... 425 is just unbeatable nice woodfish...
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