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  1. Bonjour, Le dome est toujours disponible? Damien
  2. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I just wrote them to remove 6 of my images. I don't mind having people sharing my images as long as they are not making a commercial use of it. They had clearly removed my watermark and omitted to credit me. I have received an instant respond from the guys. Damien
  3. Hi Pam, I missed your message. I am rotating my housing with a slow curtain speed. I am freezing the image by firing my strobes on rear curtain. Hope It helps
  4. Thanks Phil, and Happy New Year. I'll be in Laguna this weekend. Are you in town? Bonne année Dominique. Bientôt plus d'images, je n'ai pas eu le temps de tout dérusher.
  5. It depends of the period of the year, and the type of animals you want to shoot. Northern part of the Maldives is well known (including Ari Atoll) for gorgeous Thilas full of soft corals, large schools of fish, pelagics, mantas and whale shark at the peak season. Southern part is more interesting if you like to dive channels with entrant current and big walls. It is usually full of sharks and pelagics. I've been 4 times to the Maldives, and I can't tell you which one is best. You should not miss the opportunity of diving in the Maldives. You can check my flickr account if you want to see more shots from this part of the world. We have not seen any whale shark, mainly due to very bad weather conditions (storm, rain, wind, etc.). Damien
  6. Thank you very much for your warm comments !!! Very much appreciated. Andy, you can only be true, Alex is an amazing photographer, and he shared so much with all of us.
  7. Hi, I just returned from a 2 weeks trip to the Maldives. A short selection of shots taken during this trip. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Damien
  8. I love this thread... so much inspirational. Last week in the Maldives. But I also like very much this one taken last June during Alex's workshop in the Red Sea.
  9. Amazing pictures !!! Great compositions, beautiful colors and subjects... with a such small camera. Congrats Damien
  10. Thank you Danny ! I will try to work on part 2 next week. Steve, I am jealous... 12 times to Coco !!! I hope that I'll the chance to go there again, this is definitively the best place I've ever been diving on this planet. Thanks for your comments.
  11. This is correct, you can see tiger sharks in Coco Island. They are mainly located around Manuelita Island, and the dive sites on the north-east of the island. Your best chances to sight one is on a site called Manuelita Channel. If I were you, I would try to spend most of my dives on Alcyone, Dirty Rock, Punta Maria and Manuelita (outside & Cleaning stations). This is were you'll get the best chances to see good shark actions. On Alcyon, we had a whale shark swimming around us during 45 minutes !!!!! Thank you very much Steve. I sincerely appreciate your comments. I hope I would have had more hammerhead shots... Here is a shot taken during my last trip to Coco (Nov. 2009). You should have a look at this website : http://edwarphotovideo.com/ Edwar is one of the DM working with Undersea Hunter, but is also an amazing UW photographer.
  12. Water temperature was too hot (between 28 and 30°) and thermocline around 40m. They were staying below 50 m.We were diving with a Nitrox 32, so it's been impossible for me to go deeper than 42m. I asked the crew for switching my tank to air, but they refused... too deep, too dangerous So, I do have pictures of hammerheads, but I do not have any impressive shot as they always stayed below us. We had some action in Dirty Rock and Alcyon, but nothing comparable to my previous trip in Nov. 2009. Anyway, it's been an amazing trip.
  13. 19. 20. I also created a small movie during this trip. It's been a lot of fun using a GoPro for the very first time. [vimeohd]41511813[/vimeohd] Here is a summary of this extraordinary trip: http://www.underseahunter.com/n31/turtle-t...expedition.html I hope you'll like it. Thanks, Damien
  14. Hello, I just returned from an amazing trip to Coco Island. A series of shots taken during that trip. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  15. Alex, Stunning shots !!! Thank you for sharing. Do you plan to use a D4 rather than a D800? Thanks,
  16. Yes this is in France, near Marseille. One of the best diving spot in the Mediterranean. Thank you Will !
  17. Thanks Tim. When I went to California last June, I tested their local waters... 12°c is cold, even colder than our regular 14°C in winter.
  18. Merci Thomas ! Je suis très touché de ton message, surtout venant de toi... Grand gagnant du festival de l'image !!!
  19. 8. A turtle on the Charles Brown 9. The Charles Brown 10. 11. Inside the Chien tong 12. 13. 14.
  20. Hello, I was on vacations 2 months ago in the Caribbean, on a very small island called Statia (Sint-Eustatius, Saint-Eustache) near Saba. Statia is part of the Dutch Antilles, and only 25 minutes flight from Sint Marteen. There are very few tourists in Statia which makes this island a haven for us ! This is also a marine park, and very few divers. I was diving with Scuabaqua (www.scubaqua.com) owned by Ingrid and Menno. It was great diving with them, as they always tried to accommodate me as a photographer. Statia is full of great wrecks. I even had the chance to dive on the SS. Charles Brown (2nd biggest wreck of the Caribbean) with Menno only. Image diving a 155m piece of steel during a storm 1. The airport 2. The old city 3. The beach, very, very small beach 4. Giant sponges 5. A friendly turtle 6. The "Chien Tong" 7. The "Chien Tong"
  21. Thank you Fergus. I'd be happy to be you dive buddy if you want to dive in France. Thanks Marcell
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