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  1. Hi, got a Seacam Pro G viewfinder for sale...... Based n Europe
  2. Hi, I've got two bags: 1x KATA 207 backpack. It's not IATA-compliant, but looksrelatively small, and fits my seacam, two strobes, strobearms and ports. Only my domeport does not fit, but I check that in. 1x THINKTANK Airport International. That does not look like a camerabag, and fits about same equipment. This one is IATA size regards, Richard
  3. I just checked at a shop in Austria; they sell a 2nd Hand Subal for €1990. if you need their adress please let me know! i recently purchased a 45degree Viewfinder at their shop Richard
  4. Hi, I'm the proud owner of a Seacam 5D housing, which I think is really the most sophisticated to fit in your hand. The house I bought for 2300€ about 8 Months ago (2nd Hand). A couple of days ago I saw one 2nd Hand in the Web for 1999€, so 3000usd I guess is much, especially as the 5D MarkII came out recently. I have the 100mm, 50mm and the 16-35mm (1st Edition). I consider this to be an adequate range. To start I would suggest the 50mm to be the most versatile, and thus the one to start with. The 16-35 does deserve the Superdome (or equal from other Brands) best. This because of half-half and optical quality at its corner. The 100mm is super for small animals, but is slow at focus, thus not for use in decent currents. Personally I guess the MarkII does not yet add enough value to switch, as I consider my experience as Photographerstill to be the bottleneck Hope this will help Richard
  5. Hi, may be interested in the Wideport and/ or your Superdome Please make me an offer if you sell them seperately regards, Richard
  6. Hi, wondering why you sell it. would you also sell the Seacam flash arm systems (two) with Seacam neoprene bags, seperately?shipping to Europe regards, Richard
  7. Hi, if you decide to sell items individual, please let me know, I'm interested in the PVL-35 Richard
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