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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Margaret, they Pygmy was shot using the regular macro function on the G10. I've since gotten a macro adapter as well. It's cropped down by a factor of 4 or so from the original print. Cheers, Lee
  2. Thanks for the link Alex, much appreciated. And loftus and Marcelo... I was just thinking what you guys posted. I think a fisheye would be awesome and Alex's pics have certainly inspired me some. I don't think I should be in any hurry to get extensions and so on, just work with what I'm comfortable with UW, and for the moment, that would be macro. Then when I get more comfortable with the camera both topside and UW, I can think about widening horizons. It's all about incremental progressions no?
  3. Thanks for the timely responses! I came home last Saturday totting a 17-35. It was at the store, I tried it on a D3 for an hour or so, and it came home with me, minus the D3. I'm still thinking about a prime for UW, and am leaning towards the 20mm as it seems to be the widest prime not requiring an extension ring to the regular port. Or the 16mm... Thinking... Thinking...
  4. Check the buttons on the housing. Sometimes, a spring may be loose, causing a button to buckle under pressure. The result might be a depressed function button that ends up jamming up the normal workings of the camera housed within.
  5. Thanks for that guys. The 105 is definitely on my list. How about wide angle? Would a prime lens be more applicable than a zoom, such as the venerable 14-24?? Perhaps I'm penny pinching, but getting the 14-24 would mean an extension port for the zoom gear. In the past, I'd always stuck to prime lenses, but maybe now, things have changed.
  6. I am new to the DSLR world, having worked previously with a Nikon F3 in ye olde days. My DSLR is only my third digital camera, being a Nikon D700, following a Canon G10 and Ixus700. I only have the body at the moment, and have been playing with loaned lenses, from a very generous friend. The 50mm 1.8 is brilliant, as are the 60mm Micro and 105mm VR Micro. The housing I have on order is the Aquatica, and I've ordered the basic wide angle port and macro port to go with. So the conundrum now is this: Which wide angle lens and which macro lens to get?? I'm a fan of the 50mm, and will order a 1.4 to use as a go to lens for day to day photography. It's a throwback to the old days when i used a 50mm for everything I shot in B&W on the F3. Do I get a prime wide angle for UW use, one that I can use on land as well? I'm thinking 20mm to 28mm. Do I get a zoom wide angle, such as the legendary 14-24, which would need an extra focus gear on the port to use the zoom. Would the port still work without the zoom gear provided I use a focal length in essentially fixed mode while underwater? And for Macro... the 60mm will fit no worries in the standard macro port, but the 105 will need an extension. For full frame DSLRs, I understand the 105 is a better lens due to the 'getting close enough' to the subject factor, in that one need not get the housing in the face of the subject. But primarily, the camera will be used UW. Any assistance and opinions will be gladly received. Best regards, Lee
  7. Steve, I use the setup and there is zero vignetting. Confirmed. Proven... LOL Best, Lee
  8. Here's my recently posted gallery of macro shots from Lembeh. http://gallery.me.com/peinlee#100031&b...k&view=grid G10 DC28 Sea&Sea YS110alpha Inon 6x macro wet lens 67mm The casing has been working well since December, but I think I'm diving a little bit more than it's been designed for.
  9. Hi Robert, I just uploaded this gallery after a recent trip to Lembeh. All photos taken on G10, DC-28 Housing, Sea&Sea YS110alpha single strobe. http://gallery.me.com/peinlee#100031&b...k&view=grid Cheers, Lee
  10. Greetings all. These pictures were taken at a dive site called Edgell's Patches off the coast of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, a popular transit for people on their way to Mabul, Sipadan, Langkayan etc. I'm quite new to UW photography and it's prompted me to get my first 'serious' digital camera, the G10. All shots were taken using macro mode, built in flash through diffuser in the Canon housing. The location is quite underrated in my opinion, with most dive sites being 20 minutes max from the city's main jetty, and within a National Park area. With the recent change in temperature to around 26 degrees from a year round average of 30, more species are turning up which makes for a pleasant change. All feedback appreciated, in an effort to share and hopefully improve on what are novice abilities.
  11. Also, with two strobes on a Patima G10 outfit, it's gonna be heavy. Might want to consider weight saving devices.
  12. The Patima housing is a bit on the heavy side, but it can allow TTL via a hotshoe adapter or just plain old optical slave. It comes with macro and wide angle ports for the G10 and supports all 67mm lenses. I find that the macro lens once installed produces vignetting at most zoom settings. Vignetting is the 'halo' around the picture caused by the port obstructing part of the lens.
  13. Ed, Great work! I was in Anilao about the same time as you and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I too use a G10 in the Canon housing and have only just picked up the Inon macro x6 lens and Sea & Sea YS112 strobe for it. Looking forward to trying it out in Lembeh in a couple of weeks. A quick question about the lens: I find on my setup due to the adapter, I need to use pretty much full optical zoom to get rid of vignetting, and when focussing on the subject, the lens needs to be within a certain distance from the subject, say, 5 to 10cm away and that fine focusing is done my moving the lens relative to the subject. Is this the case with your lens adapter as well? Sorry about the newbie question, but I'm hoping to learn something.
  14. And here are some more images... One of my favourite critters, a Pygmy Seahorse Mantis Shrimp and friend...
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