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  1. Same here - on both my trips to Thailand (both Phuket, last time in October 2011) never had any problem with customs. Have also been 2 times to Bali (last time in December 2010) - also there I never had any problem at customs...
  2. Hi, I have moved from Ikelite arms over Reikle arms (a German make) to ULCS double float arms (I hope finally). All arms used with the Ikelite DS-125. I like on those ULCS the added bouyancy for handling under water as well as I think that the holding power of their clamps is a little better. Although I have to say that I have done only 5 or 6 dives with the ULCS arms until now - but my first impression is good Bye, Fred
  3. In my job I am travelling globally, too. My personal experience is, that it can be cheaper than at home (which is Germany), but this does not apply for all the brands / models and so on. My best advice: If you want to buy something (camera, lens, mp3, whatever...) do your market research before. Check some prices where you normally would buy and write them down. At Singapore make sure to have the actual exchange rate and a calculator ready. And then compare! My approach to this: I consider buying overseas if it is at least 20% less than at home. If not, then I prefer shopping at home, some local dealer making the business and I do have somebody to bother if I get some problem (warranty...). What means that I bang the thing on his desk and state firmly "I want my money back!". Which is a bit more difficult when you bought it at the other end of the world . Bye and happy buying Fred
  4. Hi Dave, I can not see too much BS. But this is perhaps due to the small size of the pic here... Anyway, what I tried with your pic is as follows: - create a mask of the bright blue water (by selecting that color) and invert this mask to protect the sea dragon - run a filter as "Remove noise" on the blue water (sorry I am not sure what that filter is called in the english languafe version of PS and I do not have even PS. I use a lowcost software PL32 which has that filter, so I guess that PS has got something equivalent). That already should remove most of the backscatter in the blue. - edit the mask again: only protect now the sharp head of the sea dragon - now run some noise reduction filter (noise ninja) - and in the end you perhaps can tweak a little your tonal curves to a slightly lower brightness (I hope it is okay to edit your photo and enter it into my reply ) Bye, Fred
  5. Hello Hanachan, also from me congratulations to your work. Those are impessive projects! I did also look at your website. Although I do not understand Japanese, the automatic translation from Babel fish made it understandable for me. And some of the results of its translation are quite funny Keep up the good work! Fred
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