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  1. i am going there from bkk. reaching on sat afternoon, going on sunday. picking up a new nauticam D90 housing setup for my wife after ordering from fun in for their adex prices. amazing price i got.
  2. Is it not? I have to check my source again. I still think tt he didn't told me wrongly. He claimed tt he ordered one from fun-in
  3. Has anyone gone DEMA and seen this housing? Interested in it
  4. more info on ports and housing is available in www.nauticam.com, homepage of the parent company Port system http://www.nauticam.com/images/attach/port_chart.pdf Housing http://www.nauticam.com/product.asp?id=44 max depth at 75m. Interesting
  5. I have info from fun-in that Nauticam D90 is retails at US$2070 in Asia due to an introductory price at the launch. Apparently, fun-in is named as one of the distributor. PM me for link/info for ports/adapters pricings if anyone is interested. They make their own ports too. edited: due to a more accurate pricing info from distributor
  6. Hi unlis It will be better if you can tell us where your shop front where we can have a look at the Nexus stuff since you mentioned that you are the exclusive dealer in Singapore. You asked me for my contact number when I asked for your shop location??? A bit puzzling. Or u do not have a shop where I can shop? Is it that I have to place a deposit so that you can order from Anthis Japan as you have no stock in hand or a shop?? Pls enlightened us.
  7. Oh that's cool! What is the name of your shop and where are u guys located? I am going down to Singapore in end July and want to get port for 105mm VR.
  8. When considering a housing, price is not the definitive factor alone. The availability of ports and functions placements are also important. For Patima housing, the price is good for a aluminium housing. But the lack of a focus knob on its body and the lacks of ports is a major minus point. Patima only have port for 60mm, 105mm, 10.5mm ports. Aquatica is a good housing, decent price for their D90 housing and has ample configurations for most lens used underwater. Buttons/functions placements are good too. If only they have optic connectors, else I will go their way. However, their prices will increase exponentially for their higher end models. Steeper increments than other housing. Else another way to go is Ikelite housing. Bulkier but then lesser cost overall
  9. Cheaper setup is the take the Nexus housing D90T1F (standard viewfinder, optically fired, no bulkhead), 2 optical cables and 2 x Inon D2000 strobes. You can have TTL (in the form of S-TTL of the Inons strobes) This setup is cheaper than those using electrical sync cords and Z240, YS110a etc that has the electrical sync connectors. You will not run into the risks of having salt water into the bulkhead if you use electrical sync firing Hope this helps
  10. Ok, guys I have gotten the new Type 4 strobes. Major differences are the optical connector. It is now smaller and has taken directly from the S2000. You may see the pic here, courtesy of my dealer. http://www.fun-in.com.tw/catalog/images/pr...inon/240t4a.jpg
  11. Cem I choose Nexus housing because of the compactness and small form factor (compared to other housing brands). It also weigh less than most housings if not all. Packing for travel is easier. I also like the small diameter of the 10-17mm port. I do some wreck dives and do some light penetrations into wrecks if permits. The small port allows be to maneuvoure in tight spaces without worrying too much of scratching the port surface. The 8" dome ports may not be so lucky. Another reason is that I can quickly move my housing to follow sharks motion with the smaller Nexus 10-17mm port. A 8" dome is slightly unwieldy. The 8" port also traps air and due to buoyancy, the camera housing tilts upwards. Last reason is because I like to fire my strobes optically. Nexus housings has optically fiber connectors. The optical fiber cable is easier to maintain and light and cheap. Can even DIY. Also we can use S-TTL with the Inon strobes, thus eliminating the need for TTL converter. Electrical sync cords are bulky and costs many times more than optical fibre. Nexus housings, though, has an option to have 5 pin Nikonos bulkhead install. All in all I got the Nexus at a good price from overseas and it represents good value for money in many sense. Strobes wise, I have used Inon for past 5 years since D180 days. S&S strobes are decent too, eg YS 110Alpha. I shun Ikelite cos of it's non AA batteries compliant! I got Inon strobes of its compactness and price too. Sea&Sea strobes are around the same category. Ikelite strobes are big and more expensive. PM me for prices and where to get. Warrantied products PM me if u have questions. I would love to explain to u more
  12. try www.divervision.com and www.fun-in.com.tw They do sell the adapter.
  13. I was thinking of Aquatica initially because they have the gear for Tokina 12-24. But after I have shot my friend's Tokina 12-24mm setup at Tulamben, Bali, I give in to Tokina 10-17mm and Nexus housing. The smaller fisheye dome of of the Tokina 10-17 is alot easier to move and follow the motions of the mantas and Mola-Mola as there are less drag underwater due to the compactness of the dome. The closest focus distance of the Tokina 12-24 is not as close as the 10-17mm, even the Nikon 12-24 or Nikon 10.5 fisheye can't get as close as the Tokina 10-17mm. U may want to consider Tokina 10-17mm But then, do whatever your pockets say. Happy diving!
  14. For the 10-17mm lens, if u dun want the more expensive custom ZP1017-6 ver2, u can have the option of (a) FP160 dome + 10mm extension ring. The dome is made of glass. Edge/corner sharpness is almost as good as the dedicated port. D90 housing + D90 is the best bang for bucks imo. Works as well as the D300 underwater but lighter in weight and cheaper. Hope the info helps
  15. I sincerely hope things are changing for the better. I want my son and his grandsons to see the beauty beneath the sea in these regions Unfortunately, many of these countries are not exactly well governed with relatively poorly paid officials to run the show despite the promises and pledges by givts. Each man for himself to rake in as much money as he can while he is in a position of authority and turn a blind eye to offences happening in their views. I hope I'm wrong but I got a DSLR/housing recently to capture the beauty of underwater before they are gone
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