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  1. I did my DM in Pulau Weh in 2001, back before the Tsunami and it was a very special place back then, deep, good vis with some interesting currents from time to time. I hear it is still amazing, just slightly busier now that all the NGO's are working there and the war has finished. I have dived Similan's twice, also amazing, just a lot busier. When i dived there there were generally 4 or 5 live aboards on each site, meaning that generally i saw a lot of divers in addition to all the fish life. I found the diversity of fish life off Pulau Weh amazing, particularly big shoals of pelagics, and because it is off the beaten path there tend to be significantly less divers. Either way they are both amazing, but my recommendation would be Weh for the desert island peacefulness and lack of a million divers.
  2. White/Black manta are great, represent. Diving can vary from average to awesome. 7 skies is a cracking dive when the vis is good. At the end of last year we were diving with mantas there and whale sharks at aur from the black manta, but as ever never guaranteed. How long are you in the area for?
  3. Can anyone personally recommend any Liveaboards that leave from Singapore? I can find a few on the internet but we all now that quality can vary from the promises on the websites so I was hoping for some recommendations from personal experience. I look forward to hearing from you!
  4. http://www.malaysiasite.nl/mantananieng.htm This suggests that the Dugongs may not be there anymore. Sounds like the diving would be good anyway!
  5. Thanks, will have a look now.
  6. I am planning a very long weekend from Singapore for my girlfriends birthday in June or July and would love to blow her mind by getting to dive/snorkel with Dugongs. Can anyone recommend the best places? Is there a best time of year? I have read about Dugong dive centre in the Philippines which seems to be good. Has anyone been? Thanks.
  7. Agree with expat diver, make sure you have the dollars available in the exact amount. Whenever I was going in and out of Medan on visa runs the dollars were always the easiest way.
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